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tea tree?

So I bought some tea tree oil today. It does dry your skin up a lot, but I hope it shall help with red marks after pimples are gone. My picking on my left cheek has left an undesirable red patch around a semi exposed pimple. My nose is still full of mini pimples which makes me sad. Some of my scarring is fading. I am not full of optimism. Lets see what tomorrow yeilds.

dumb me

today I went surfing which was a plus. the downside was I still felt conspicuous even in the lineup about my skin. and worse news. I PICKED A SPOT. NOOOO. It wasnt even a pimple, but was a bump and I squeezed it and now its all red and horrible! I must stop this!




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SHIT SHIT SHIT. My face just got worse today. Nothing got better. I feel like rubbish. And I have to do stuff tomorrow and Friday. I'm scared. But I will survive. I got new pimples during the day and I had to squeeze. On a slight plus I am more controlled but still, its cheating. But what can you do when you look like rubbish? I need this to end soon. Waiting for Dan's products is hell. Gonna try get some AHA and some oils tomorrow. BLEH


Bleak! Today I woke up and my skin was worse. 3 new pimples, and the existing ones hadn't cleaned up - not a bit! I am feeling afraid just to walk outside! And I picked one of them! Blindly, without control. AARGH. back to square 1

end of day 1

so, end of day 1. my existing pimples/marks are looking slightly better - touch wood i am proud that I have managed to avoid picking at my skin the entire day. I do have some new inflammations but I have left them alone, and I managed to stop myself mid-attempt to pick - which is new. i shall succeed

My clear skin log

Ok. Here goes.. Two weeks ago my skin was fine and clear. Then I noticed a large blackhead on my nose. I squeezed and fiddled with this, and now two weeks later, as things went on, I know have numerous pimples - large ugly ones - to deal with. I am embarrassed to go out, even to see my family. I must stop picking my skin, and this log is here to help me. This morning I noticed that some of my pimples were clearing up and should be gone quite soon - touch wood. I did pop one new pimple
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