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yea so.. anyways ^-^;;

heh heh.. srry this is so short, BUUUUT im a bit tired and i don't really want to stay here that long. O-O ok so some weeks ago i said i would try to add sunscreen to my moisturizer and see how it went.... well first time i did. I used too much, so the second and third times i used a bit less.. however... it didn't matter how much i used ( still have not actually tried almost none yet but not gana now -) it still made my skin oilt and clogged my pores and made me break out... B| should ha





Well, where do i start?... Oh yea =D Cerave and intro and what not ^__^;;

Hello all who are reading this, :] and thanks in advance. I have just officially joined this site, last night, but have know about it for about a week. Looked at some stuff, and i liked it very much at first ^__^ well I'll just say first of all.. im kind of bad at these blog things... most of mine i either completly forgot about, or i gave up on xD but i dont plan to here. if i do.. it'll be like... me finally making a main blog with links to all the sites i use, and such. but until




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