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The beginning..

So I guess I'll start off with a little about me.. Im schuyler and a junior in high school. I've read a lot of forums(good and bad) about accutane. Well, my acne is not exactly severe but here lately..it's worse than ever before. Usually its all coverable but ive been getting more cysts...I usually have around 2 but now they are forming in groups..they are so painful and nothing has helped! Ive tried antibiotics and face washes..no good. So last week my derm. suggested accutane and pretty much scared the mess out of me about it. Part of me is dying to try it while another part is not wanting too...I really want my senior year to be acne free and less makeup.(especially with summer here soon) I cant stand to get my face wet around other people but anyhow! I'd really like some feedback and all about accutane Is it worth it?




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