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My acne story

Skin..Why does it have to be this way? why me, out of all my friends? why do i have to be the ugly one who has to wear makeup to cover everything up.. i feel so ugly. im not beautiful or pretty. and its all cause of my acne. ive got bad acne. worse thenn most people. it makes me so insecure at times. i hide my face from the guy i like. i load it up with makeup but that doesnt make it any better. sometimes i feel like theres no hope cause i will always be ugly. i dont even know why guys talk to me. why would you want to? all my friends are gorgeous. perfect clear beautiful skin... then theres me. the girl that wont be seen without makeup. the girl who doesnt take risks and chances cause of her SKIN. IM 15! and i already feel like my life is over. when i look at myself in the mirror. i cant stand the person staring back, shes hard to look at. i lost the love of my life, cause i felt so insecure about my skin and how it looked, that i avoided him just so he couldnt see this ugly girl he has been talking to... what kinda guy would be proud to have a acne covered girl like me? Its like my biggest enemy is my skin. Help. and please leave out all the " use this product" and " see a doctor" cause trust me,, ive done it all.




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Hey im using Dans AHA+ lotion. I was wondering is it normal to break out more than usual on the first week of using it