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Dermatologist visit

Went to the dermatologist today. Soooo sick of having acne. Waited for an hour to see him. Went with older brother who has worse acne than me. We both got prescribed accutane. My bro will start taking it very soon but I have to wait a month to get on it cuz of the ipledge pregnancy tests stuff. I'm so unlucky. I have the feeling this is going to b one of the longest months of my life waiting for this treatment. Having acne sucks, but I have seen pple with skin alot worse than mine. So I aM pretty grateful for my skin. Btw I am 14yo/f/107pounds/5'6" . I don't really know y all that stuff matters when taking accutane, but just thought that someone my age and size might have the same results as I will with a. I hardly ever c pole my age with accutane blogs so I hope this blog helps anyone my age suffering with acne to see what accutane is like. Can't wait to get started, I can't even picture myself with flawless skinw




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