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Life Story. gee.

As of late I've been really taking into mind the state my face is in. For the longest time I just put up with my occasional breakouts and constantly having red bumps all over my face. After finally coming to the conclusion that I indeed do have the money and patience to spend on finding the right acne regime for me I began to search. As a background story on my acne, I've had a problem with it since middle school. Being around friends that never had acne to the extent of mine made it really hard to live with. I tried many many many different acne cleansers and still have yet to find the perfect one for me. I started out with Clearasil. Gee. I was in middle school living on 5 dollars a week as allowance...what was I supposed to do? So yes. That didn't work at all. I also tried Neutrogena and clean & clear which didn;t do me any good. My older sister had problems with acne too in which she tried Proactiv but didn't like it so gave the rest of what was left to me. It worked great for me. But....as a poor middle class child I had to give it up and go to something cheaper as my parental unit didnt want to shovel out 60 bucks every 4 months for me. Hey, whatever. What could I do? They put me on AcneFree. It worked ok....kept most of my acne at bay but never gave me a clear complexion. But I was ok with it...I had some self confidence that I could live with a couple pimples on my face at a time! But, after I got a job and had money to use, I tried to go back to Proactiv since it worked so well for me in middle school. Horrible idea. Blew up my face and ruined everything. I stopped that and went back to AcneFree but tried the severe kit to see if it would be amazing. Nope. Helped the pimples but the general welfare of my skin? It got so dry that i could literally peel off my face. I was slapping on moisturizer like my life depended on it. After that I heard about Lush. I read into their products and learned that everything was organic and handmade and all for a pretty decent price too! I decided, what the hell. What did I have to lose? I tried it out for a month and It really helped! My face was better off and my acne was tamed. Bad thing is...the only Lush store nearby is downtown so I have no way to get there since I don't drive. I either have to order....or get my friend to take me down there. As of now, I am out of my cleanser...my face is horrible and I'm awaiting my shipment that I ordered online hmm...about a week ago. I've also taken my chances as far as birth control (which Im still on....not sure if its helping or not) and hair/skin/nail vitamins that I got through Amway. What am I to do? I'm scared to try anything else because I'm scared that it'll ruin my face even more. I don't want to spend too much money on anything and I want my face clear...not just a few less pimples.