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Am I doing the right thing??

I don't know, I on't know, I don't know. I have only had a problem for a few months and the doctor wants to put me on accutane? At firstI though, sure, get rid of this forever and hope that the side effects aren't the bad, but after reading all night............are these sites for real? Depression, nose bleeds, eczma, more depression. It's on the list of drug to avoid in Canada? Acne seems to come back all the time??? I am not sure I am willing to deal with that? I mean have hormonal acne




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Can't handle this much longer

Hello everyone!!!!!! Well I wrote a huge blog yesterday, only to lose it while trying to publish. So it's day 4 and things are not going so well. I think hormones are raging and my skin is really starting to play up again!!!!!!!! Grrrr really had enough and decided to go to the derm for a chat. Well Pee Wee, I understand what you mean with just wanting everything to go smoothly and this problem to go away! I don't think I can wait the year that it usually takes for skin to respond to thes




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Day two....hmmm

Well, I think things are going well. It appears that many of the cysts along my jaw are coming to a head, after only two days of using Azelaic acid. The problem is that I am tempted to pop these huge cysts......which I actually have to some of them and they appear to be getting better. Is this bad???? I noticed there was someone with an anti picking blog, I think I might need to join forces. There are two new pimples on that cheek, but I think they are actually old pimples that are being drag




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