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better late than never

Haha so much for keeping a blog. Oh well, i tried. Life is busy. Well i recently got asked a question on acne.org and it kind of reminded me about my blog and how i was testing an acne light. I forget what its called off the top of my head but im sure i mention the name in the first post. Im still using differin .3 which makes me really sensitive to sun light so i dont really use the light the way it was designed to. Its a super powerful light and the directions say to use it anywhere from 6-15 seconds. I use it for 1 possibly 2 seconds, never more than 3, on each side of my face, simply because my face will get super red and damaged. And rarely do i use it twice a day. Its hard to tell if i've seen results with the light or from differin, but i have seen improvement. Pros Yes i think it works. While im on differin and a low glycemic diet at the same time i think the light has helped my acne. Its very quick. Literally takes seconds Covers a large portion, if not all of your face Powerful but gentler than covering your entire face in benzoyl peroxide Cons Super expensive Too much can make you red and damage your skin (damaged skin produces more oil) Covers a large area (you cant really focus the light to one specific pimple) The eye goggles that come with it dont really protect your eyes Personally i cant stop using differin and just use the light. My acne will come back within a matter of days MOST IMPORTANTLY- if you have dark spots from where acne once was (hyper pigmentation) the light will make these darker and last longer...just like being in the sun will. Its hard for me because i have dark spots and acne around the dark spots so i so i try and just use ben. peroxide in that area. Also, in other spots where i have scars or simply places where i've noticed my skin gets easily sun burned i will put on sun screen 20 min before i use the light. Overall If you live some place cold or you cant find time to get outside and be in the natural sun light the light may help. I would definitely recommend trying differin or some topical prescription product first, since in my experience they work better than the light. The light pretty much kills acne causing bacteria. So does benzoyl peroxide and tons of other acids. But i think the light is a little gentler if you're trying to cover you entire face and may even work better, but you definitely cant get a focused beam. Nonetheless, if you've tried everything else and want something that will really knock-out your acne this is definitely a decent acne lamp that i guess i would recommend, although i have no experience with other lamps. No complaints in the manufacturing. Rating:7/10




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