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Its been awhile since I've posted anything. I'm off bactrum now... still on the clenia face wash and cream. I'm on minocycline? Im not sure on spelling. It worked a bit. The stuff on my face has settled a tiny bit... its still there however. I recently had one on my forehead and my derm injected it and it went away and now about three weeks later its coming back... so stubborn. Then I have one on my cheek that was okay for awhile and just randomly blistered up huge. It popped and I had that nasty goo come out that seems never ending. Its still huge but now it just bleeds when i try to drain it. I'm hoping it goes down. I have pictures. My face is scarred terribly I hate it. So embarrassing. So far no luck. Next month is my official I admit my acne is severe one year anniversary. Gr. I have no where to turn to I feel like after the minocycline. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I should go from here. My next appointment is in August. Back on accutane or no? I want to but at the same time if it didnt work the first time why would it work the second? Im not looking forward to those chapped lips again and back pain and worse skin for a few months and blood tests and pregnancy tests and money out the window. Ugh what do you guys think? Someone anyone! Pictures uploaded. sorry if theyre hard to see. my webcam sucks. http://i50.tinypic.com/2nap37s.jpg





April 6, 2010

My skin isn't any better. Tiny worse. I had a new zit come in right on my cheek in the typical spot. Still using the same meds. (bactrum and washing with clenia) I noticed out of my showers some of the bigger ones leak (gross IKNOWWW) but the one on my forehead feels better at least ha. no luck. I attached pictures, i forgot im wearing tiny tiny bit of cover up... its just covering the redness. oh dont mind my hair in the picture lmao. its nuts. i know... im sick with the flu so its okay http://i41.tinypic.com/mcays2.jpg






I stopped accutane. This blog is going to be my "improvement" if and when that ever happens. I am currently on bactrim twice a day... cleaning in the morning and night with clenia and using the cream on the rough parts. Diet... staying the same... maybe more water intake. Stress level... cant ever control that :/ Please leave me comments or ask questions! I love you all. for pictures (i have no idea how to put them on here because i suck at this website) go here HEREEEEE or copy paste this http://tinypic.com/r/69hohx/5