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Hello everyone, so it's been a long journey for me with accutane but i'm happy to say that it's over now. I've been off accutane for almost a month now and my lips and skin r back to being normal. sucks for my hair though i was kinda enjoying not washing it daily lol. skin is perfect. for everyone who's suffering right now I want you to know that I've been there. I used to lye on my bed and cry my eyes out to sleep because of my acne. but not anymore! Now i have other things to think a

134 Days into Accutane

So, had my derm appointment 4 days ago. Updates: no breakouts anymore, just red marks which supposedly fade away with time They're kinda annoying because they give the impression that they're pimples but they're not. i have smooth skin now. This is my last month and I'm done i really can't believe it, i never thought i'd have such skin. Accutane is truly a God sent! I gotta admit my confidence has risen so much in these last 3 months! the weather sucks in montreal right now but i'm goi

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119 days into Accutane

So it's been 119 days now and i'm telling u time flies! i can't even remember when i started taking this medication. Things have been going well not much has changed since last month i didn't break out at all not even one small zit! it's all super clear but i noticed small red dots underneath my skin i hope they don't pop out i don't think i can deal with breakouts any longer. the red marks r still there so i still need to cover them up with concealer and foundation and all that crap but otherwi

90 days into Accutane

Hey everyone, it's seems like it's been forever since i last updated u. Anyway, i had my derm appointment yesterday and he told me things are going exactly the way they should be. I havent broken out in the last 2 weeks which i tell u is VERY weird this has never happened lol. I only have 2 small little blemishes on my left cheek and that's it. No cysts, no crap!however, i do have red marks from previous acne but i can't complain honestly because i'm a girl and i can cover it up with make up.

72 days into Accutane

So i'm 2 months and 2 weeks into accuane. Nothing much has changed yet, eczema is back on both hands, very dry and painful. Face still very dry, cracked lips, muscle pain, very sensitive skin like anything could make me bleed.even wind and what else? i'm gonna end my 3 months in 2 weeks and i'd have 2 more months to go. I really am not able to smile or stay positive, last night i got drunk eventhough wwe're not supposed 2 drink but oh well it couldnt hurt to drink once.. and then i saw my

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60 days into accutane

I had my derm appointment this morning. He said my blood test turned out just fine i was worried because all the drinking i had last week! he also said my acne looks better and i shouldnt break out anymore this month. He said if im clear by the end of march then we'll stop and i can livvvvvvvvee and as for the red marks he said they'll fade with time and he also said that i don't have any scars. But i still don't feel fine and i the red marks r giving the impression of acne so i'm still as

54 days into accutane

Hey guys, in addition to the painful cysts i mentioned in my last entry, i also have a SUPER DRY, flushed face today! life's amazing i can't tell ya! oh and a bad, embarassing eczema on both hands! still using the cortisone cream but it doesn't look like it's doing anything.ANY SUGGESTIONS? HELP!

52 days into Accutane

So i'm almost done with my 2nd month of accutane and i can't really say that it gets better in the second month. I'm still breaking out i have 3 major cysts on my left cheek and 2 major cysts on my right cheek in addition to red marks due to previous acne. It sucks and i don't really know when i can stop breaking out and start seeing really good imporvements. Getting my blood tested next week and then to my derm appointment. I can't believe I'm gonna be in my third month and I'm still getting

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42 days into accutane

Ok so today i noticed a few new pimples. Not cysts but pimples which is good because the last thing i need right now is whiteheads that i could feel while im in class or while im working out. I dunno why people don't feel with us that we're freakin SELF CONSCIOUS!NO we don't want to go shopping NO we don't want to go to the supermarket NO we don't want to go to bars and socialize with guys we can't get and drink and make our liver explode PFFFT i'm sick of this. But it'll end soon i saw a gi

40 days-accutane

Okay, so i'm trying to have peace with my acne and i want to believe that it will soon get better because honestly it's kinda frustrating to sit and wait for it to get better. trying to live my life as much as i can because come on we can't hibernate for 5 or 6 months. Investing my time at the gym i actually registered today and i'll be going like everyday cause as i said i wanna lose these 7 kgs ive gained lol. Hope this stuff works:( i wanna be clearrrrr it's so depressing seeing everyon

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