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since of yesterday its been 2 months on dans regimen

and i am happy to say that i am almost pimple free right now i have a small pimple on my upper right cheek completely clear on my left side a few tiny bumps on my forehead oh and kind of a painful small pimple on my hairline but thank god its on the right side so my bangs cover it this has been the clearest ive been in soooo long and that is thanks to dan <3 though now my quest is how to get rid of red marks id rather have red marks than actual pimples i think after i run out of

it has been 4 weeks exactly today

i think im not sure if its 4 weeks so a quick blog entry i gots to take a shower in a bit lol anyways it has been four weeks the redness has defenitely gone down well i didnt have too much too begin with but instead of my cheeks looking really gross they now look jst a bit gross lol right now i have like 3 active pimples on my left upper cheek and thats it oh and a few tiny little bumps here and there they arent exactly pimples but theyre kind of like a little raised bump but you cant r

its been a week

well i think a week and a day but still ok so im on dans regimen and things are going ok ive developed a few tiny whiteheads but they are easy to get rid of i guess thats just my skin purging and whatnot im really hoping that in the end this will be worth it at first i used a bit too much bp and was also using it twice a day so it got super flaky so that was a mistake but ive been using jojoba oil for the flakiness and its working really well im talso taking pictures for progress..if

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ok so yesterdy friday 3-26-10 i recieved dans regimen in the mail and i started using it i dont really like the way it smells yeah its supposed to be fragrance free but to me it smells like wet rags and i really dont want my face smelling like that actually it smells like undeoderized armpit hahaha but i know ill get used to it i used to use witch hazel and that smelled weird too and also acv and we all know that smells really nice hehe i think its the moisturizer i hope im the

todays a bit better

as im sitting on my computer i am listening to some marilyn manson i think i smell weed haha im bored and kind of hungry so my acne has calmed a bit down but now i know why i had a breakout hehe anywayzz im thinking of trying something different for my acne if my skin doesnt completely improve in the next week of two perhaps i shall convince my mom to let me get Dans regimen idk yet i wonder why there is such thing as acne (well i know the scientific reasons but u kno what i m

well today sucks

ok so today is the first day ive ever written a blog in this website i joined a couple of months ago but i have yet to try the regimen i really want to because it seems that for some people it really helps but im having a hard time convincing my mom to let me buy it because once she bought me Murad but it made my acne worse and well she spent over 60 bucks on that f*ckin crap anyways right now my routine is: Morning: weird bar soap that my mom bought me from who knows where lol apple
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