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Wow. Things sure have changed in 2 years.

So...I'm revisiting this site in approximately 2 years, since the last time I ever wrote anything was in 2008. I was re-reading all my posts and my replies to someone else's posts, and realized what a long journey I have been on. I quit using Dan's benzoyl peroxide long time ago. I think I quit using it last year. and many times before that too, but it was always on and off. I have to admit that I used it as spot treatment once in a while, but my mind was set on quitting using BP on my skin. After not using any kind of acne medication, my skin stayed clear for a while. And as funny as it sounds, my skin looked sooo healthy and good when I was staying in LA for the spring break. Weather sure seems to affect my skin. Anyway, then when season changed from spring to summer, my skin started to break out alot again. This time, I visited a dermatologist and he prescribed me clindamycin phosphate, benzoyl peroxide 5 % wash, and tretinoin 0.025 cream. I secretly stopped using tretinoin cream after one time of use because it was too irritating and seemed to make my acne worse. I also read many negatives reviews and information that it's quite dangerous. As much as I promised to myself that I'll never put harsh chemical such as BP on my skin ever again, I listened to my derm and used BP wash at night and clindamycin phosphate formula in the morning. After about 2 months, my skin is looking clear. I still have some spots on my forehead and little bumps on my cheeks, but it's getting there. Another conern, though, is that my skin now seems to always have red hue. I noticed that my face was kind of pink 2 years ago. I didn't think much of it until this year. I actually thought that it might be rosacea. That was the major reason I visited my derm. But he didn't mention anything about my facial redness and insisted in treating acne first. When I questioned him, he said the redness is caused by acne, so we need to treat acne first. My face will get red when I'm feeling embarrassed or exercising, when the weather is hot, or sometime for no apparent reason. It feels hot sometimes. My face is calmed after I wash my face with lukewarm water. My eyes are also feeling very tight and dry. I'm not sure if that's because I had pink-eye last winter or because of ocular rosacea which many rosacea patients tend to have along side with facial rosacea. I've been researching about rosacea, acne, and natural remedies online. hmm. I like what I see, but I'm still feeling uncomfortable about putting harsh chemicals on my skin. I'm very interested in using all natural skin care such as products from Garden of Wisdom or German natural skin care brand Logona, or Austrailian brand Jurlique. There was actually a post about weaning off from BP on Garden of Wisdom forum which was very helpful. After my skin continues to be clear, I'm gonna try Garden of Wisdom products and slowly wean off from BP (the prescribed wash) and other prescribed topical medication. I've tried to wean off from BP many times before but my acne always came back. I think the reason is that I didn't incorporate any acne-fighting agent in my routine. I would much prefer use natural acne treatment, though. I am also being very conscious about my eating habit and life style. I need to stop going to sleep so late and drink more water and vegetables.