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Month 5 - Retin A 0.01%

Well they say it should work after 3 months... instead i think i got the opposate. My acne has gotten worse and this week i have a major break out. The breakout is lasting a week and i cant get rid of the pimples. They look like hteir are healing but it does not matter...it is month 5 and i should not be getting these pimples. I have followed regeman precisily minus 1 day. This day i did not dry my face or give it time for all the water to go. I applied the retin a and went to sleep with my hair partially wet. The water could have caused this breakout, but it was only days after till i got this breakout from that incident. I am going to try increasing the ammount of retin- a i put on my skin. Maybe I am putting too little and since it is a low dosage (0.01) it could be why. I need to up my dosage. About scars, I have scars on both cheeks... one huge scar on my right cheek and on my left i have a deep hole with a few scars around that area. When I grow up and get a job or enough money, i will most probably be looking into lazer technology. THIS SUCKS. I do not reccomend retin a i say go for accutane, it has a better successrate. i will still continue this till my tube runs out i will try n go to the doctor or life like this forever...till my puberty is over i guess ...i hope .