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Month 6-1 Week LEFT!

Ah I'm so happy! Only one week left of this torture. Torture that's totally been worth it so far though :] I did something bad though..I went tanning a few times but I only got a little red from the heat and tanned nicely because of my cherokee background. Don't recommend it though. My face is completely clear, besides the red marks on my neck and sides of my jaw and a few around my mouth. I went out for the first time with absolutely NO makeup on yesterday, and it felt great. I have so much more confidence now and I am so thankful Accutane has been a good experience for me. Hopefully it wont come back..cause I could barely afford this first treatment Anything I'm supposed to do after I stop taking them? I'm scared it'll come back :[





Month 5!!!!!!!!!!!

Geez..only a month and a half left on this stuff! Super happy my face is completely clear, with the exception of some baddd scars. =[ My back though..not so good. I got two new pimples, but at least they werent cysts, and at my last derm visit he prescribed zythromax to help heal my back. The medicine is rough and it makes me feel realllly sick sometimes. Also, the birth control i've been taking has started making me feel nauseous. I can't wait til this is all over, but I'm SO scared it will come back or the side effects wont ever go away =/ I'm always tired. Still on 40mg Sunday, Tues, Thurs, Saturday; 80mg MWF. Anyone else on antibiotics AND accutane? I've been having a lot of stomach pains, not sure it that's normal..




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End of Month 4

I'm over halfway :] My skin is still annoying, but I look back on how bad it was 4 months ago and I'm SO THANKFUL for the improvement. Much more self confidence. I think what makes me feel so bad right now is that im ghostly pale! In the summer ill feel better and the scars wont show as much cause ill be tanner, hopefully! My back had a breakout a few weeks ago with about 5 cysts, I was so upset. It has cleared nicely though but of course, scars left everywhere. I hate that I have a few scars on my chest, because thats the one place they are hard to hide =/ makeup shows there because im so pale and stuff. i feel less depressed than i did a month ago. the winter has been really rough to get through because of the dry skin and bloody nose every morning when i wake up =[ had bloodwork done last week, havent seen the results yet but i have a derm appointment monday, we'll see how it goes. im ready to be off this stuff! current side effects: -joint pain (bad in hips, shoulders) -bloody mucous in nose -dry skin, lips, scalp, mouth, eyes (nothing unusual) -scarring