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Last year about around this time I posted about my surgical roll-cit experience. A top NY plastic surgeon did it and told me it would improve some of my cheek acne scars and texture. Almost a year later and it's been a year of hell. My face went from extremely swollen and puffy to sunken in and tight. I have come to find out that the roll cit caused scar tissue formation in my face. In part because of his aggressiveness and in part because the r3 mm roll cit is not good for acne scars. THE 3mm ROLL CIT IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE USED ON THE FACE. Needling may help because it goes straight down into the scar but roll cit will only cause skin tightness and possible scar tissue. I've learned so much about doctors and the medical industry this past year and how much it's about money. I trusted this doctor with my face and he injured me. I write this blog to hopefully help someone else. Don't make the same mistake. This tool can change your skin and the way you look. Not only was this a physical issue but a mental and emotional one as well. Imagine waking up to find your face has changed. This kept happening over the course of the past year. Roll cit used on the face has MANY negative side effects of which the internet doesn't really show. I've had to dig thru websites and read thru medical papers to find information. I know acne scars can be horrible but they're nothing compared to what this procedure can do to your skin. Acne scars plus skin tightness. Any doctor can perform this procedure. If anyone wants anymore information about my experience message me. I will be very open about it. Anything to prevent this from happening to someone else.




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