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So Tired

Well I'm back! My skin is so horrible I could just curl up in a ball and die. I have everything you could think of. Scars, big bumps, small bumps, bumps on my back, chest.. im just SO TIRED! I have dealt with this since 5th grade. WHEN WILL IT END. I see all these people who have gotten clear I'm like "When is my turn?!" I seem so confident and happy. Inside I am so deeply deepressed. I stopped wearing make up. I feel like what's the point? When I take it off its still there. I know I'm ugly and its due to my skin. I heard I have good features but I really am into fashion and make up I love that world but I don't feel pretty enough to try anymore. Its a total let down. This is the most depressed I have ever felt. I seriously thought about setting my face on fire so that new skin can grow. I'm so done I've tried every otc minocycline, Proactiv nothing works for me. Do I have some type of internal disease?! Why me?