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Almost 3 months

My skin has never looked this good since my childhood. I don't spend a half an hour a day anymore examining my skin in a mirror and squeezing/picking at it. Now there is nothing to examine! It's incredibly clear and smooth. I know accutane is really hard on your body in general, but I tell you--it's a godsend for my skin. My nose has been bleeding a bit though... This month I was supposed to be on 60 mg a day, but I had a horrible cold that wouldn't go away. Once I stopped taking claravis for a few days I started to feel better. When I started up again, my cold started to relapse. So I stopped completely and then started up again slowly. Now I feel better and my skin is looking great. I'm back up to 40 mg a day, and will start taking 60 mg starting tomorrow. This may prolong my treatment, but I really had a miserable first few weeks of January due to my cold. I have my next appointment on Feb. 4th. Guess we'll see what the doc says in terms of dosage.

Red Lyra

Red Lyra