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Week 20: Day 138

I AM ON MONTH 5!!!!! I can't freaking believe it! AHH! I went to the dermatologist a few days ago and have been in month 5 for 4 days and I am super duper excited! I asked my dermatologist about my red scars and he informed me that they are not scars, they are just hyperpigmentation from treatment. So, this means that they will fade a lot once I'm off Accutane, according to my dermatologist :] I don't know that there is much more to update on, although I do need to take more pictures and add them to my video slide show. Other than that, my only side effects are really red eyes and dry skin on the sides of my mouth. But, I am still on 120 mg a day to finish out my treatment. I am going to continue taking pictures and blogging sporadically on here to update. I think that is all and I'll blog again soon. <3





Week 17: Day 113

I am on month 4!! I am completely clear on my right cheek as well as my left cheek! I still have a really red skin tone and a lot of scarring But, the red hue should go away after I get off the medicine, and the scarring should fade over time. I am now on 120 mg a day. My dermatologist decided to up my dose to just fully kick this out of my system the last 2 months. I had a HUGE problem getting my prescription this month, though. Without typing it all out, basically I have to take 3 pills in the morning and 3 pills at night. But eh, no big deal. The only annoying thing is that in order for me to go back in 30 days, that week my dermatologist is on vacation, so I have to go the next week. That means that I had to figure out how to stretch my 30 day supply of pills an extra week. This meant that I had to take only 80 mg the first week or so and now I am taking 100 mg which means i take 2 pills in the morning and 3 pills at night. In a few days, I'll be fully up to 120 mg a day. Which I guess it's good that I'm stepping myself up to the higher dosage. Anyways, everything is still progressing and getting better and I'll update before my next dermatologist appointment! <3





Week 13: Day 89

Wow! I didn't even make a post when I ended month 2? I have definitely been slacking on posting on here. Well, I have my dermatologist appointment in 4 days on Friday. That will be my checkup for after month 3. I can't believe it. Next week I'll be starting month 4! My brother, his girlfriend, Kaitlyn, and I planned a cruise (A CRUISE!) in May. I'm so freaking excited. I better be off this medicine by then!!! I should be ending in mid-March. So, even if he decides to put me on an extra month I'll still be done by the end of april and I'll be able to go tanning for a month before we go on the cruise to the BAHAMAS!! So now an update on my face, my right cheek is completely clear to the touch but still has all the red spots My left cheek is smooth to the touch besides about 3 cysts on my jawline My temples are clearing up and my nose is free up blackheads still and my forehead is still clear My chin is doing pretty good. I have one large pimple but that is going away now. My skin has such a red hue to the skin tone that I am still wearing makeup to cover my face. I am going to ask my dermatologist about maybe something I can do or take for it to not be so red. Overall though, I am getting happy with the results and hope they continue! i just looked at picture from week 2 and 3 and holy crap! There has been a HUGEEEE freaking improvement! Really getting optimistic now!! I will update after my dermatologist appointment this Friday! <3