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Grasping for the Past

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Well, we meet again, BP.. (pics)

After a lengthy acne.org hiatus and half-ass attempts at facial hygiene, here I am once again. I'm certain my apathy with caring for my face and lack of following through with a regimen consistently has contributed to the current state of my face; I'm back at square one, starting over. Let's give a cheer for the world's tiniest violin: . I've decided to kick myself in the ass and subsequently light a fire beneath it. I mustn't succumb to laziness and apathetic delusions any longer and in an attempt to keep myself on track with a regimen, this blog will become my log (I rhymed, tee hee). This is where we begin My optimism level ______________________________________________________ The System Perspective Morning: - Cleanse with Cetaphil - Treat with 2.5% BP - Moisturize with Clean&Clear - Zinc supplement Night: - Cleanse with Cetaphil - Treat/Moisturize with 10% AHA The Reality for Today (so far) Morning: - Cleansed - Treated - Moisturized - Zinc supplement Night: - Actually remembered to cleanse and AHA! ______________________________________________________




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