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Trying Tea Tree Oil

So I haven't written in about 5 months and lots has happened. I stopped the DKR regimen because my skin could not adapt to the b.p. I have extremely sensitive skin so I went back onto ProActive. Well, I couldn't keep up with that because it would not stop drying my skin out. I changed to Aveeno calming wash, proactive repair lotion, and proactive moisturizer. It still didn't clear up my skin. I have been eating a really healthy diet and trying to exercise lots. My skin is horrible right now but I have changed my mind set. I'm not as upset by this as I once could be. A little over a week ago I went to an asthetistician to get a facial and try a new skin care regimen. It's called La Roche Posay Biomedics. I do NOT recommend this product. My skin did not like the change one bit. My cheeks which never break out are looking really bad. Makeup doesn't help at all. Last night after a bit of advice from a guy who suffered from really bad acne himself suggested that I get a bufpuff(sponge) Olay sensitive skin wash, tea tree oil and AHA moisturizer. He said in a week I should notice a huge difference. We'll see about that. I'll let you guys know how this works for me. I really hate using chemicals so I hope this approach works better. Wish me luck!

Keep Positive

Keep Positive