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A few tips; Sleep - Get yourself as much sleep as your body needs. Only you know how many hours that is. Washing - Don't use any shit on your face. No creams or soaps or nothing. Just use warm water and gently splash/rub for a few seconds. Moisturiser - Use Vaseline after showers and when you wake up in the morning if you have dry skin. Shaving - Use a good quality electric shaver. Lip balm - Try not to use it. Gradually use less and less and put up with dry lips until they heal themselves back to somewhat normality. Do not lick your lips. Excercise - Is great for the skin. Cycle early in the morning for a few minutes. Sun - Get lots of fresh air and sunlight on your skin. Water - Drink a few pints a day to keep hydrated. Supplements - Iron and 2x Omega 3 per day. Fruit - Eat it. Especially apples. Junk food - Eat and drink whatever you enjoy. Skin products - Fuck them.






I've decided to let you know how my acne has changed since I first posted on here a few months back. For a background into how my acne has been in the past please read some of my previous blog entries. My skin looks and feels really good now and there are a number of certain reasons for this. Acne products are designed to generate a profit for the supplier. I realise washing is a somewhat essential part of living. When I used to shower which is the only time of the day I clean my face my forehead and other areas of my face used to appear blotchy and then after a few minutes it would go very dry and flaky in areas. I still use Dan's Cleanser but I gently rub it on my face for literally three seconds avoiding my lips. Immediately I rinse my face. After I get out of the shower I used to put a shitload on moisturizer on to counter the dryness. Gradually I used less and less until now I only use a pea size amount which helps with dry skin from shaving etc. and the little dryness caused from the shower. This has resulted in my skin looking and feeling so much better and I know this is the reason why I am now happy with myself. I have used the same regime on my lips gradually using less and less Vaseline. Just a dab when I get out of the shower and a dab in the morning when I wake up. Breathing through my nose helps which took a little bit of getting used to. I used to always breathe through my mouth. I'm hoping sometime soon especially with the weather getting better I can ditch this stuff for good. Winter is a monster for everyone’s skin, just remember that. Nobody is perfect. I’ve noticed lots of people have dry lips. Cold always used to make my face go a really funny colour especially around my mouth which turned very purple. This isn't a problem anymore. It really used to get my confidence down. Also remember to take pride in your appearance. In terms of food and drink I consume lots of pasta, chips, chocolate, crisps, pop, quite a bit of water, bread, milk hot chocolate, fresh orange juice and apples. I don't give a shit about what I eat with regards to my face. I don't believe it makes a significant difference. I take no supplements and am on no medication. I drink once a week at least and smoke a few a week. I highly doubt there is any correlation but my skin has gradually got better since I started smoking about a year ago after my skin had reached the worst it had ever been just prior. To be honest I am so happy with my skin right now. And sleeping well helps me. I'm a bad sleeper but when I get a succession of good days behind me my skin looks and feels better. It took a few days to start noticing a change regarding washing my face and using less shit on it but after a few weeks I’m very pleased. Hope this helps. Thanks. EDIT: To add to this after checking out my previous blogs I realised I was trying too hard to make my skin look and feel better. Especially in the past I was suckered into the world of acne products. I used a mirror beside a window aswell when examining my face for a true picture of what I looked like. When I returned home after a being out for the day, especially on cold days I quickly examined my face when I got in. These mirrors give much more honest results than other mirrors under false lighting and shadowing.