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wow...two years since i last posted.

time is so tricky, isn't it? i ditched the DKR regimen about a year ago. it wasn't doing anything for me anymore. i went to my doctor and he put me on clindamycin pledgets & differin. the clindamycin worked for about 6 months, and, as usually, the differin had absolutely no effect on my face whatsoever. two tubes and $160 later, i'm...well, unhappy about that. simultaneously, i also used carley's clear & smooth (or whatever it's called) as a treatment. i used their "exotic" moisturizer, too. blah on both. about two weeks ago, i started some new things. here's my new routine: AM: cleanser: dr. bronner's peppermint castile soap toner: alcohol-free witch hazel moisturizer: cerave PM: cleanser: dr. bronner's peppermint castile soap toner: alcohol-free witch hazel moisturizer: cerave extra: dan's AHA+ sleep: sleep on a fresh towel every night also, i tend to throw some ACV on my face every once in awhile, and i drink some of it with apple juice when i feel like it. i'm also going to start using queen helene's mint julep mask once per week. it felt amazing last week when i used it for the first time. also, i've done two egg white masks this week -- i think i'm going to make those a weekly event, too. something's obviously working, even though i'm only about two weeks into this new regimen. i've only had ONE new zit on my forehead. i'm pretty blown away, especially since i'm PMSing right now and this is the time of month when my face usually explodes. when i first started posting on this blog, i got lots of cysts around period time. within the past two years, i've gotten fewer and fewer cysts. honestly, the cysts were only a problem when i was in grad school -- it was either the stress or my living environment. i'm still stressed out from work, so i'm guessing it was the living environment. a terrible, university-subsidized apartment with terribly recycled air and MOLD. yes, mold. the humidity in there was disgusting and it undoubtedly messed up my face, i'm thinking. i should post a pic soon to compare with my pics from four-ish years ago! i'm twenty six now, so...hopefully all of this zit stuff is on the way out.