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Weeks 2 and a day.

I'm a 16 year old girl, and have had a acne for about a year and a half now, and about two weeks ago I finally decided to go the the doc's. My acne is pretty bad; on my nose, I have HUGE pores, and my cheeks are completely red and covered with deep, painful spots. I have a bit of scarring. On my chin, I have these weird little white bumps, not white heads, but like, tiny bumps which don't bother me much, but still, it'd be nice to get rid of them. Aaaand I don't have much on my forehead, just tiny ones and the occasional big one. Anyone else have the same kind of skin? The doctor asked me if I had anything special in mind when it came to medication and came up with three options; - The Pill - Roaccutane - Antibiotics. I was keen on starting Roac', but my doctor said it best to try out less 'dangerous' options first (I've never taken anything orally for my skin, just tried about every topical treatment out there). So, we went with Antibiotics; OXYTETRACYCLINE, to be exact It shouldn't have any drastic side effects, she said, and should be taken on an empty stomach or 1/2-1hour after food. And milk is a no-no as it stops it from being absorbed. I'm on this for four weeks (two more to go!) and then will check up with my GP and she'll determine whether Roac' is the way to go or not - depends if there is any improvement by then. So, has there been any? Meh. Not really. Skin is still very red, maybe slightly more faded, but still red. Luckily, makeup covers the redness up okay, but spots are still visible. They're veeery painful on my cheeks and like, kind of mushy if that makes sense. I wonder if anyone else has that? Forehead's gotten worse, actually, but I don't know. I'm hoping in two weeks it will be better. My skin is INSANELY itchy. It's so hard not to scratch. So to cope with it, I whip out some lotion and rub it on gently (my skin is oliy, blemished AND dry - amazing combination.) Might try and get some pictures up if I can be asked tomorrow THANKS A WHOLE BUNCH! Feel free to comment x