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ok so iv been getting these wrinkles around my mouth. im 21 there’s no way i should have these and after doin sum research its apparent that their from the BP. so a few weeks ago i stopped using BP and started using honey. my face looked great so after a week i threw in oatmeal, BS, and coconut oil. this was by far the best my skin has ever looked! it looked healthy and young and not at all washed out. unfortunately i got 2 pimples on my cheek and practically had a panic attack. i immediately went back to BP and now my face is worse then its been in months. i honestly don’t know wut to do. its been 2 weeks and still my face wont clear up! i just keep getting new pimples and now my face looks just as washed out as it did before! any help would be greatly appreciated!!! iv tried jojoba oil and its seemed to make my face worse!!!