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..... long time

Wow how long has it been!!?? So, i stopped using the skin lamp as it really did not suit me, not that i dont think it would have worked but it just wasnt fitting into my life style etc.. I finally got reffered to Hammersmith hospital for NLite Lasers on the NHS... after paying all that money on private treatments i think i deserve a little help!! i have one every 3 months and i think thats enough! My daily routine is so simple now i love it! in the morning i was with dermalogicas ultracalming gel and moistuise with active moist, then in the night i was with my ultracalming gel and put on a cream i got from hammersmith but i've totally forgot the name.... im not sure it does much though but im not complaining!! the skin is good.. i still get the odd spot, but i happily go into work without make up on... and im happy to sit next to people now and chat away which feels lovely i need to try to get rid of the little scars that im left with... but thats not a huge worry im just so greatful with what i have! xx