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Hate Hate Hate

I am now on week ten of my Ziana, Clarifoam Solodyn trial and to no avail my skin is getting worse again. Over the weekend it finally seemed like it might be starting to clear up when BAM like over a period of three days i broke out all over again. My chin was almost clear and now I have four or five big ones. My left cheek was completely clear and I got a HUGE cyst on my jawline as well as two smaller ones and my right cheek is just horrible!!!! Ten giant pimples crowding my right cheek and with the scars it looks like there is not a bit of clear skin on my right side. I dont know what to do. To top it off my face is bright red and dry all the time, even with lotion... I have heard that the last month of the three month initial period on a retinoid can be the worst, so I am hoping that this is the last bit I have to go through before clear skin emerges but right now I am in tears over how completely horrible my skin looks. I can't stand it anymore!!!! I go back to my derm in three weeks and she said if I am not starting to be clear by then light therapy might be a good option for me.... ARRRRGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just want this all to be over





Still waiting

I ran out of my antibiotics on Thursday and couldn't refill them until monday so I went a good three days without taking them. This was a horrible mistake. I am broken out in about 10 huge pimples on my chin where I was almost clear last week and have 2 or 3 really good sized ones coming in on my right cheek. This is soooooo frustrating because I was on my way to being clear. I keep waiting for the ziana to clear everything out but it is hard to look past the initial breakout. I am now on week 6. I know it can take up to 3 months to fully clear but this is killing me. Why does acne have to be so horrible? I am supposed to meet all of my boyfriends friends for the first time on Saturday and I know they wont judge me but I am so scared that all they will see is a giant pimple. I am so ready for this hell to be over. It is such a mess and I can't stand it anymore, why are some people blessed with amazing skin and others have to suffer this torture! I hate it!





Hope in sight

So about four weeks ago I finally broke down and went to a dermatologist. She was really nice and helped calm me down a lot. She put me on Ziana (topical retinoid/ antibiotic) at night and Clarifoam EF in the morning as well as oral antibiotics. I am finally STARTING to see a difference. These first four weeks have been pretty up and down. I knew going into this that it was going to be a rough start because of my horribly clogged pores and starting topical retinoids can be hell for the first few months. I am pushing through it. I had a really horrible breakout along my jawline and chin the first few weeks but the pimples I did get seemed to go away quickly. They are beginning to reduce in number now which I am very happy about and my pores are definitely getting smaller. However I do still have quite a few badly clogged pores on my chin and jawline that have yet to protrude out (I am fighting the urge to expel them myself) and i get about 1-2 new pimples a day (but they are small and go away quickly). Also, my face is slightly red and peeling. But that I expected too. I am very optimistic that in the next month or so I will see some huge improvement. I go in for my checkup in two weeks so we will see what my doc says. Wish me luck!!