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Post-accutane day70-something

HOOLEY DOOLEY!!! Well, I've gotta say... I've really missed keeping this blog updated since my accutane days. 2 weeks after I finished my 6 month course I flew to south east asia and have only just got back a week ago. Spent two brilliant months chilling the beans in Vietnam and then, for the greater part, in Thailand. The whole trip was like wiping my whole worriesome slate clean; a cathartic new start for what had been a tumultuous, emotionally wacko 6 months. To date, I've only had 2 white heads in areas where I had no acne before and the scaring (which wasn't even that horrific) has died down with the sun, surf and time. No wukkan forries really. On the day I came back, my friends and family thought I was a different person. And, honestly, I've never felt so grateful for life and the sweet sweet workings of this magical drug. It makes me think that I'm superwoman and all is possible. It is such a relief to re-emerge on the other side feeling like the drugs and the ondulating mess of healing all had their place. So, if you're feeling a bit down in the dumps, cling to any patience and hope you have and just stick it out. It WILL work... eventually. Be strong people and remember...stay off the ganja and booze-ups/benders...and drink plenty of water. Take vitamins and slip, slop, slap under the sun. Keep smiling and doing the things that bring you joy. Peace Erin