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I will update this blog with my findings about acne scar removing with pixel laser

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My Journey To Abs And Marathon While On Accutane

This blog will be dedicated to my journey in search of a clear face, a 6 pack and my firdt marathon all at the same time. I hope my experience will help future accutane prospects to decided if this is something they want to do. First of all, my acne is not that bad, according to my derm its moderate acne but a really stubborn one. We have tried everything (meds, creams, microdermabrassions, laser etc) but pimples always came back. After a couple of years I changed derm and e new one proposed Accutane a couple of weeks ago and after my first blood test I decided to give it a try. Today im on my 8th day on this med, until now I have seen some improvement in my ancne both on my face and back, but maybe its all psychological... One of the most talked about side effects are joint and muscle pain which scare me the most since im currentl ver active. In August I decided to prepare for my first 10k and I afinally made it in October with a time just under 59 min. In Nov and Dec I ran other two and since lst week Ive joined a runners club to prepare for my firt 21k at the end of February and my first maratahon next December (running 4 times per week). Ive aldo added a 3-5 gym sessions per week since November cuz I decided I aldo wanted a six pack. There is a long way to go for both the marathon and the six pacl. However just after 1 week on tane Ive started to feel much more mucle sorenesss especially in my legs. This worries me since Im just in 10 mg/day for this month And the next 5 months will be 20 mg/day. Ive decided to forget the pain and keep my journey in search of a clear face, a 6 pack and a marathon. I"ll keep you posted and if I can help anyone with my experience feeel free to ask.




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