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4 months post accutane.

I was on accutane from June-Oct 2009. It has been a while since I've posted, but I kind of just lost track of this blog. After reading my older posts and looking at my older pictures i can say without doubt that accutane changed my life. I was miserable before and during my treatment, the IB was horrible, the side effects sucked, and I spent over $2000 bc my insurance wouldn't cover accutane. But i would do it all over again. Its been over four months and my oily skin has come back and i do get a pimple from time to time, normal stuff, bp takes care of them easily. Hopefully 5 months of accutane is all I needed to get rid of acne for good. I just want to give some hope to the many of you taking accutane at the moment. Trust me, it is a miracle drug. Good luck.