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Wow... hello again

I havent been on this since 2009! Wow, I'm 17 now and my skin is a lot better but I'm still insanely self conscious about it. I still get a lot of spots but not server acne. My main problem being the cysts on my chest which prevents me from wearing low neck tops as im just so disgusted by them. Last post was about my shitty old job! lol. Good news 2009 self, you get a new better paid job in the cinema win! I got taken of acctune once my doctor left and i got a shitty new one I try and control my spots with the birth control pill these days. urh, my skin has been such a big part of my life for so long. I'd love so much to log back in again in another 3 years or so and be like 'YAY FLAWLESS SKIN' ........... you never know . .