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1 month and 2 days

well after a month of 30mg every morning i have now gone up to 60mg its going well. last wk and start of this week i was really down as i had a big breakout so was really worried about it but they are clearing up and i just have 1 big one. it wud happen that i have a big breakout b4 i had a date last wkend!!!! but luckily it went well and he wants to see me again even tho he saw me without make-up so yay!!! cant of scared him off that easily! i think me withot make-up is hideous and i hate it and i hate other people seeing it! so im on 60mg for 6 wks then i gotta go back to the doc and prob get another month prescription if needed but im hoping in next 6 wks my skin will clear up considerably! hopefully b4 my next date ha ha!





day 19

well i have been on 30mg for 19 days i still have one or 2 big spots!! my lips are really dry and cracking. also my scalp is so dry and itchy! i need to find a good shampoo! my spots have always been on my chin and top lip and sometimes where there are big spots it will get so itchy and feels like burning. not sure why it gets like that. so far im happy enough. i cant wait to have completely clear skin. in 2 wks time i go up to 60mg a day so im hoping then my skin will get clear! but so far so good!





roaccutane - the hard stuff at 25

well i havent been on here for like a 8 months or so! i moved to NZ and had fine skin from sep - feb. nothing that upset me too much. the tablets ran out and i stopped using differin untill i had a spot or 2 and i was doing well then come feb and WHAM i got break out after break out and they wont go im still not eating dairy, didnt start doing anything different. i was gettin so down. i work in a bar here and i was feeling really low about myself and how i looked. i felt like every time it cleared up it only last a few months then i be hit again by acne and it wint shift! so i then chattered to some of my friends and one of the had been on roaccutane and u wud never ever of guessed it. his skin was sooo clear and no scars. then i found out my flatmate was on it as well. so i rang the doc and went along. its expensive as im not a resident here so in UK it would be free but here i have to pay quite a lot but i just hope it worksi have one month supply at 30mg then i go up to 60mg for 2 months then back to doc for check. im real nervous about the side effects but i just want it to work, im real hopeful it will! i m stocked up on gentle cleanser, moisturiser, sun screen, lip balm, eye drops and jojoba oil so i can fight any dryness! i just want this to work so wen i turn 26 i have turned my back on acne!!!