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Jud jud squeeeel! Hardcore acne regimen.

Here's another attempt by me to blog my acne fightin' progress. I usually fail pretty bad at this. I go from 10 entries a day to none in about a couple of weeks. Mainly because I try something new and I see improvement right away, so I get excited and pumped about it. Then it fails me and I hide in fear again I don't want to do that anymore and I'm going to stop being all over the place with my treatments. In the past I would be on BCP, then off, then on again, then off. I would buy an acne kit or a supplement or a mask. I would go to the derm. My impatientce really hinders my progress I think. SO here's where I'm at now: Came off of BCP (Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo) three weeks ago. Over the past week to two weeks my skin has exploded and isn't showing much sign of improvement. This is lame because I started a paleo diet two months ago and was seeing some great results by the end of the first month. I had no inflammation and only a few white heads. My skin was looking perdy for a change. Now, sure enough, coming off of BC is initiating war on my face. I don't have any pics today, but if you look at the ones in my gallery - my skin is worse than that right now ugh. It's much redder, I have tons of white heads on my forehead, my chin is so red and is killing me (cysts?) and my cheeks feel very sensitive and have pustules a plenty. Moreso on the right side too. Plus all the redness and scars I have already... ::cries like a baby:: The new goal for me is to stick to my diet, take my supplements (which I need to research a bit further, more on that later) and exercise more. I'm only exercising a couple of times a week and it's not enough. The hard part for me is to not go out and buy a million different things when I get discouraged. This is the biggest challenge for me I think. My current regimen is to oil cleanse, mostly at night but sometimes in the morning. Green tea toner. Debating if I should add some ACV to it... I'm scared to put anything on my face right now. The past couple of nights I have been putting Dan's AHA on my face because my pores look pretty clogged. Not sure if I'm liking this yet. I love it for my chest and back though! I'm moisturizing with coconut oil and also Lilly of the Desert Aloe Vera Gelly. This is pretty soothing however I'd like to get an aloe plant. I think the oil cleansing is the only thing keeping my skin from falling off lol. I tried to use soap and my face hurt pretty bad after, so I'm sticking to the oil. That's it for now - I'm at work. Anyway, here's to staying patient and hoping my body can be normal with good diet, no BC and time.