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Week: I'm Off Accutane

Well, I'm at the coveted six month marker off Accutane. I formally ended my Accutane struggle (there's no better name for fighting strict time slots, monthly dermatologist appointments, and too many needle sticks) September 2009. Accutane worked spectacularly!! ...for a little while. I'm now in March 2010, six months since I got rid of my little brown pill, and I'm starting to break out slightly on my forehead and chest. Uh oh. I'm still in denial that I may be part of the percentage of patients that relapse into awkward acne days. If I am, well, I'm going to have to scream. I'm currently trying to figure out a heathly post-accutane regimen while correcting a few scars I've obtained through years of heated battle between me and the zits invading my face. Any and all suggestions are so welcome. CURRENT MAKE-UP: Clinique Superfit Foundation, Lorac Neutralizer (PERFECT FOR REDNESS) CURRENT PRODUCTS: Neutrogena Grapefruit Cleanser, Gold Bond Medicated Powder (which I'm getting off because it contains talc) COMPLAINTS: I hate acne