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Accutane 80 Mg

Sooooo here is my update: I am currently not taking Accutane because my doctor took me off due to high liver enzymes. I go get my blood work redone tomorrow to see if I can start Accutane again (40 mg instead of 80 mg) if my liver enzymes have dropped. I am so nervous right now because I really want to stay on the medication, I just wish my liver would cooperate.

Accutane 80 Mg

Hello all, I just got back from vacation and I took my blood test on Monday. My doctor called me this morning on my way to work saying that my blood levels were elevated and I have to get it done again tomorrow. Accutane is working wonders for my skin and I do not want to be taken off the medication. I ate a lot of junk food on the road and during vacation so I am not sure if that might be a reason in the elevation. I just don't want to be taken off of the drug! By the way, it is day 22 and still no side effects except dry skin and lips.

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Accutane 80 Mg

Hello all, Just wanted to update my Accutane progress (80 mg per day). I am currently on day 11 and I can honestly say I haven't experienced really bad side effects yet, although I know it is still pretty early even though I am on a crazy high dose. I don't break out that much but when I do get a pimple it scars my face (indent) so my doctor prescribed me Accutane. My lips are super super dry and flaking... ewww, my face is itchy in some places but it is like a quick itch and then it goes away. I don't have any joint or muscle pain, my eyes aren't dry, and my face hasn't started peeling yet. I have noticed that I am getting pimples in weird areas such as my arms and legs. Not many but one or two sprout up every now and then. I am getting pimples on my face but they are tiny tiny white heads that go away within hours. My doctor is allowing me to use Retin-A for the first month on Accutane so hopefully that helps with the dreaded IB. On day 8 I noticed that all of my black heads on my nose were completely gone! I have had black heads on my nose since middle school. It is crazy to actually feel a smooth nose, haha. I am leaving to go on vacation this afternoon and I am going to Lake Michigan... it sucks I can't lay out in the sun I will keep everyone posted on my progress with Accutane. Thanks for reading!

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Hi everyone! I just posted pictures of my scars up for everyone to see. It took a lot because I usually don't want anyone to ever see my scars (in pictures). I feel a little bit of relief to post those because now when I look at the pictures my scars don't look half as bad as I had imagined in my mind. When I look in the mirror I see horrible pits and red marks all over my face. Maybe it's not as bad as I think... or maybe it is? I don't know. I just feel a little better now that I actually can look at my scars in a photograph. They still cause me much grief... everyday it's the same thing.. wake up wondering if I have a zit on my face and if it will scar... at night my face is so oily and I stare at myself in the bathroom mirror hating my face... I cry a lot too. My friend (who also has scars) told me it was ruining my life and I need to accept myself for who I am or I will be miserable for the rest of my life. I should take her advice. I think my upcoming wedding is causing a lot of this because for 3 years I didn't really care about my scars, I knew they were there but I never "inspected" them like I do now. I want to be pretty in my wedding photos and feel pretty on my wedding day, but I feel these scars have robbed me of ever feeling self confident. My fiance tells me to stop worrying about it because it's not a big deal. It's a big deal to me. I have to look at this face for the rest of my life. Ugh. Sorry to be such a downer, but I needed to get this out.

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