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Three Years Post Accutane- And Its As Worse As Ever.

I cant believe i am back here writing on acne.org again. I thought after my 6 months on accutane and clear skin for more then a year I would finally be done with this. but no, my skin is awful..and im back to being miserable about it. After my time on accutane my skin was great...and then of course for some reason that summer (about 5 months later) i broke out alittle on my cheeks so i decided to go on birth control to regulate my hormones which in turn regulated my acne and was grreat! I had no





one year post accutane!!

alright its been almost a year off accutane! the drug did work wonders. i havent had actual acne in awhile (that last post was me PMSing and it was just not a good face time). i do get regular pimples still unfortunatly but not at all as bad as it was pre-accutane. they are easy to cover up and my cheeks are shiny and clear. and my face hardly gets oily its amazing! my hair though is back to its normal self- oily after 2 days, whereas on accutane i could go for at least 5 days without washing it




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