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Tried everything, Nothing worked, Now Accutane

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Three Years Post Accutane- And Its As Worse As Ever.

I cant believe i am back here writing on acne.org again. I thought after my 6 months on accutane and clear skin for more then a year I would finally be done with this. but no, my skin is awful..and im back to being miserable about it. After my time on accutane my skin was great...and then of course for some reason that summer (about 5 months later) i broke out alittle on my cheeks so i decided to go on birth control to regulate my hormones which in turn regulated my acne and was grreat! I had no acne for awhile and i loved it. i thought finally! i am 20 years old and im done with acne. so i stupidly stopped taking birth control ... 4 months later BAM! im broken out on my cheeks and for some reason on my back ALL OVER which has never happend even while on accutane. one month later my skin got so bad all over my back and face i decide to go back on birth control and my face is an even bigger MESS! i mean an absolute mess! as if i where on my first month of accutane mess! it hurts so badly to wash my face (i am using a plain soap now;cerave face wash, instead of those harsh facewashes so as not to irrate my skin more, and i put atralin on at night and aczone in the morning) I am two weeks in now on my birth control again and i am PRAYING that it works again and takes it away. Has this happend to anyone before? will it go away again or is it hopeless and ill have to go on accutane again? i dont even have the time to go on accutane becuase im in college far from home so I dont have the time to go to get my blood taken every month and visit my derm while on that dreadful drug. plus i think accutane messed up my stomach becuase since ive been off it, any time i dont eat a meal at night i get awful acidic stomach aches that last the rest of the night. its not a fun feeling and I really do think accutane is to blame. But has anyone out there had this happen to them? will it get better!? im so sad that ive been going through this for so many years and it hasnt let up or left me alone. why does acne keep finding my face!!





one year post accutane!!

alright its been almost a year off accutane! the drug did work wonders. i havent had actual acne in awhile (that last post was me PMSing and it was just not a good face time). i do get regular pimples still unfortunatly but not at all as bad as it was pre-accutane. they are easy to cover up and my cheeks are shiny and clear. and my face hardly gets oily its amazing! my hair though is back to its normal self- oily after 2 days, whereas on accutane i could go for at least 5 days without washing it (i never actually did but if i wanted to i could!). so all of you out there who are holding back form going on the drug, or are on the drug now and are having major doubts- HOLD TIGHT! the best is yet to come. i cant say its perfect, cuz i have yet to expereince a whole month of not one pimple ( i cant wait for that time to come) but i am very happy with the clearer skin i have now.




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