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blog of my constant friend or foe.. .the acne who is with me every moment of my life

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Starting Acne Regime Again

So i've been getting lot of breakouts lately and it's driving me insane. I've had lot of zits and pimples that I realize is probally caused by stress but Ithink it's more due to working out and the sweat dries and or over brushing on towel... I don't like how it takes awhile to heal and leaves red marks... thank you hyperpigmentation.. Have used hydroquinone for sometime butseems like it's not working... I have to stick with this regime because people are so superficial and judgmental i'm tired of cold shoulder looks i get.. but it's also do to my insecurities from acne that seems to trigger all this...




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Skintastic Results

Skintastic product is so far good for my skin. I used to purchase separately (cleanser, bp 2.5 and moisturizer) but seems that buying kits have better effect (maybe because they research the kits together i dont know). The green tea product initially felt like sand paper and still does but didn't get my face so abrasive where im worried about getting it red. Cleanser really gets face refreshed after wash and the toner (or step 2 not sure what to call it) that has some green tea in it i think helps future breakouts.. skin feels softer and its getting into winter (which i always get dry skin) after this month trial ends i think i will try proactive solution for month and do some comparison





Skintastic 1 Month Challenge

I'm back in starting this up again because my face is breaking out again due to stress. Working two jobs so probally why (and less sleep). Googled benzoly peroxide causing wrinkles and came across a site called skintastic that explained pretty thoroughly that it's bit harmful to you and did to confirm from my own experiences. So gonna get off Dan's regime as BP had it's up's and down's. I think BP caused some fine lines in my fh because after applying it I got too lazy and didn't put moisturizer and i think that caused it. Like when you put clay mask on and move your fh it causes wrinkles.. Anyhow i got the package yesterday and seem to have good customer support with fast response. Tried it yesterday and came 4 step process. Cleanser smelled pretty citrusy and felt good, the toner type where you leave it on felt good too, but when coming to the green tea application, it seemed little rough on my skin as it seem to have abrasive.. but this was only to apply for problem areas with acne .. moisturize felt good too.. and kind had a refreshinig feel to it like kiehls brand i've been using. This morning i've done the regime again.. and everything went well with no irritation but one thing im kind of noticing is that the green tea application i'm putting on as i mentioned was bit rough like as abrasive... i was suppose to apply lightly which i did.. but see that my skin is so sensitive it's turning bit red.. i hope my skin will adjust .. but so far overall its good. jang animescreen.com




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