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Dove soap is my best friend.

Hey readers! It's been over a year since I've posted. I must say, what a journey it has been. Over the years, I have tried so many different products in hopes of finding one that will cure my problem; acne. I started to get acne when I was 16 years old, before that, my skin was clear and smooth. Never would I have imagined my face covered in spots and bumps. But it happened. And it was embarrassing, and made me feel really self conscious. I began to experiment with different cleansers, toners, moisturizers, masks, scrubs, anything and everything on the market. Some worked for a while, but then stopped. Others just made my problem even worse. But after years of trial and error, I found my cure; dove soap. In October 2009, I posted an entry on my blog saying how dove soap, evian facial spray, and cetaphil moisturizer were my staples in my skin care routine. And boy it worked wonders. My skin really improved. ALOT. I should have stuck to that routine from then on, but continued to try different products. That's my problem. When I get bored of something, I go on to try something new. Well, my skin started to break out again. So I stopped using everything altogether, no nice smelling cleansers that foam up and make your face tingle, no moisturizer (never been a fan. my skin is pretty balanced, I think), no toners (not necessary!), no acne treatments (which dry and irritate the living hell out of your skin, no thank you!). I just started to use simple dove soap, the unscented one. Morning and night. And my skin began to improve again. Right now, I've been free of acne for a few months. Acne marks are fading very well. You can barely see them. The only makeup I use is an oil free tinted moisturizer by Laura Mercier, which covers up my marks with no problem. I'm really happy with my skin at the moment. My mom has been using dove soap for years and she always gets compliments about how beautiful and young she looks for her age. She is in her mid 50s, but looks like she is 40! I always stare at her skin, envious. That's the whole point though, less is definitely more. Use what works for YOU. It did take me a while to see improvement, but I kept using it because it was moisturizing and unscented. I didn't feel any irritation, dryness, or redness. After a few months of use, the pimples began to diminish and acne marks started to fade on their own. I finally feel confident again thank you, Dove. And thank you, Daniel Kern for providing us with such useful information and effective products. I have tried the moisturizer, cleanser, and treatment. All of them are fantastic, but I just didn't want to depend on the benzoyl peroxide for the rest of my life, instead I made some changes in my diet. I think it's all internal anywayl. You are what you eat!






Hey everyone! So...over the past couple of years I've been observing my skin. I have come to the conclusion that my diet has by been the reason why my acne keeps coming back. I know 100% that it's the sugary foods I've been eating. It's just so hard to stay away from sweet stuff. It's an addiction. For the last month, I've been drinking a lot of 'green monsters' (a.k.a fresh squeezed smoothie out of raw spinach, banana, and almond milk) every single morning. Wow, not only does this stuff give me energy, but I honestly think it helped clear up my skin. But then of course, I broke my own rule and went in for the chocolates. I'm telling you...it's quite impossible to NOT eat it, because there are always goodies on my kitchen table staring me in the face begging me to eat them. it's tempting, and unfortunately, the temptation always wins so, from this day forward...I am setting a goal for myself and sticking to healthy diet. I will keep fighting this, and I will win in the end. sooner or later. And for the rest of you out there, before you start going crazy on finding the right skin care products for you...please look at the foods that you eat, they can be the ones causing your acne. then find a simple gentle cleanser and light moisturizer for your skin. that's all you need. take small steps, don't rush into loading a bunch of products on your face, it WILL get worse if you do. everything takes time. trust me, it will all go away! I promise.




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In Love...

I have discovered an amazing skin care line called Suki about a month ago. I've been using their Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser 3 times a week in the evening before bed in place of my regular cleanser (dove soap). It has done a tremendous job at brightening up my face and the acne marks that I've been dreading to get rid of for a long time! I am so in love with this cleanser. it's more like a gentle scrub, but since my skin is a bit sensitive...I use it only a couple of times a week to give my skin a rest. It contains absolutely 100% natural ingredients, no chemicals, no alcohol. It's non-comedogenic and cruelty free which is HUGE plus! I only use this scrub when my skin feels a bit more calm and I have less or not as inflamed pimples...it works best. but if you have cystic acne, I wouldn't recommend it because it might further irritate your skin. Me, on the other hand, I have learned to keep my skin under control...now I'm just trying to maintain and prevent it from further damage. I highly recommend this skin care line. do yourself a favor, check it out. no harm will come from using their products because they are all 100% natural.