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Pill 342

I had a pimple back in February so my dermatologist decided to let me do a few more months. Since then I haven't got a single pimple...well until today. I am not worried for now because i was expecting it - if i get a closed comedone it will turn into a pimple. It hasn't become a big pimple yet but i know it will because the skin around it is turning red. I hope this one reallz is the last one.

Day 225

Haven't got a pimple since the big one from December. I think the little bump that stayed from it will turn into a whitehead in the next few days.

Day 206

My skin looks better. I got a new pimple though. I hope it will stay small and wont turn into a big pimple. I hope it's the last one as well.

Day 200

I got 2 new pimples. I feel like this will never end. I notices a lot of small closed comedones again.

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Day 196

Left side was almost percect until i got this big pimple. But to be fair I was expecting it because there was a big closed comedone. Right side is doing much better. I got a pimple like a week ago and it stil hasn't completely disappear.

Day 157

My skin gets better then it gets worse again. It's a constant cycle but it looks much better than a month or two ago. I forget to post all the time. I only remember when i get new acne.  

Day 70

I'm happy because my skin is doing better. I still have closed comedones, some bumps from previous acne and scars but I'm trying to stay positive

Day 66

The reason why my cheeks look weird is because i was trying to show you that i have many closed comedones..  

Day 65

My skin has looked quite good for the past few days. I feel like it's because of Medrol pills. I have one painful pimple on the right side on my chin.
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