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Day 17

Acne: guess who couldn't resist and popped 3 pimples..yeah it was me. I know I shouldn't have done that and I feel so bad about it because I really don't want more scars but I couldn't help myself. I was really nervous and the pimples were really big and painful. For the record I didn't squeeze the life out of them. I just gently squeezed them and the puss came out immediately. That's it. No further squeezing. It doesn't seem like I made a wound out of them so I'm hoping for the best that I didn

Day 16

Acne: I have a feeling that most of my cysts are sloooowly becoming flat and some of them are turning into whiteheads. It is such a roller coaster to be honest. My acne start in the morning then disappear in a few hours or the next day and then new acne reappears and so on. It's a cycle. The only thing that is really bothering me right now are the cysts. I hope they disappear in week 4 even though I am expecting some more. Skin: oily and dry - a mix of both Side effects: today my back

Day 15

Acne: I have 3 pimples on my forehead, 2 pimples (might be cysts) on my left cheek and 7 cysts on my right cheek Skin: my ears started peeling Mood: sad that my skin is getting worse

Day 14

Can't believe It's already been 2 weeks since I first started taking Accutane. Acne: IB continues. My left cheek used to be the good cheek but today I have 2 pimples. One of them (if not both) is definitely cystic. I popped the whitehead on my right cheek (yeah I shouldn't have). The cysts continue to develop but aren't any smaller. Oh well. I also got 2 more pimples on my forehead. Skin: nothing new to report here Mood: I've been crying all day because I am so stressed out becaus

Day 13

Acne: right after I posted the update yesterday two of my big whiteheads popped. That left me with 3 big red acne and I was so happy that they are slowly going away but then I woke up with a new one today. I mean it's not that visible but it's already a bit red and you can feel it if you touch it so yeah...I also think that I might get my first on accutane pimple on my left cheek. I hope that I'm wrong. And I just realized that I forgot to tell you that the pimple on my back lasted for like 3 da

Day 12

Acne: okay so guess what guys. I am definitely experiencing an initial breakout. Today I have 6 active acne in total. The small bump from yesterday turned into a big red bump, I got one new red bump as well. The other 4 acne are doing good I suppose. One of them is finally drying, two of them are still annoying whiteheads and the last one...still big and red. It might sound weird and I might have mentioned it before but even though I'm getting all this new big acne I feel like my skin is more cl

Day 11

Okay, let's see what's new. Acne: 3 active acne, others cleared, 1 small new bump on the right cheek. But those 3 are big and quite annoying. Two of them have a white head, the other one might be cystic but as I've said before I'm not sure. I'm trying so hard not to pop them. Skin: gets red faster. My cheeks aren't dry right now but my forehead and chin are. The skin around my nose is dry as well. Lips are dry but don't crack.

Day 10

Right now i have about 7 active pimples. The one on back doesn't hurt anymore and it seems smaller. I'm still waiting for the bump on my right cheek to pop and disappear. Today i got a pimple on my forehead and two on the right cheek. One of them is a bit bigger and I'm not sure but it might be cystic. That made me sad because i thought my skin was looking better but now it seems like I'm "finally" facing the initial breakout. I'm not even sure if it's the accutane or the stress or the period bu

Day 9

Today I slept very good but woke up with a massive red pimple on my back (i don't normally have pimples there). It hurts quite a lot but I strongly hope that it will go away in a few days. What's new on my face? Nothing special. I got a few new pimples, one of them is on my chin and it hurts a little bit if you touch it. I also got period today so there might be a possibility that I got them because of that. But who knows.  I noticed that my lips got dryer and so did skin on my forehead. I

Day 8

Today way the first day of week 2 on Accutane. I have no new active acne and the old ones are healing good. I realized that I have a lot of boxcar scars and it made me very sad. I wish I hadn't picked on my acne so much. But I have to be thankful for the progress that my skin has made. I am having trouble sleeping. I think and stress too much and therefore I can't have a good sleep. I also cry every day which is tiring as well. 

Day 7

Today was the end of week 1 on accutane. Can't believe it's already been 7 days since i started taking the pills. What's new? Basically nothing special. Yesterday I didn't sleep very well because my elbow hurt a bit. The "wounds" that I caused are healing quite fast, which is great. I got 2 new pimples. Well, 1 pimple and one lump that I've been waiting for such a long time to finally appear. I know it sounds weird but I felt this weird thing under my skin for months and now it seems like it's

Day 6

Can't believe tomorrow is going to be the end of my first week on accutane. So far I've only gotten two painful pimples and 3 whiteheads. Sadly I couldn't help myself but pop every single one one them. I was under a lot of stress and I just couldn't leave them alone (especially the two painful ones..they have now turned into angry red scars..but I know they will fade in a few weeks). The skin on my face is peeling (right cheek, forehead, nose and chin), but my lips are okay (probably because i k

Day 5

No new acne, thank god! I know i shouldn't have done that but i popped the three pimples that hurt me. I hope i didn't cause any scarring. The skin on cheeks started to peel and so did skin on my nose and forehead.  I've been feeling a bit down again today and my head hurts a bit. It's probably because of the whole exam season because i'm stressing so much. 

Day 4

Woke up with one quite big pimple on the right cheek and it hurt a bit. My lips got so dry that they started to crack. I also have dry skin around lips even though I use Bepanthen ung and vaseline. I also use Effaclar H for dry skin on cheeks even though it's not that dry yet. During the day I got 2 more pimples that hurt (also on the right cheek). I think this might mean I'm starting my breakout. It's weird that I find my skin more beautiful and clean even though I'm getting new pimples. I

Day 3

I woke up with 3 new active acne (with white caps). My pores are opening. I ran my nail down my nose and everything came out. I felt a bit sad today. It's not because of the pills yet I think. I also got very tired and slept through the whole day. The skin around my lips got a bit dry but nothing big.

Day 2

Nothing has changed. I have one active pimple on forehead and 2 active pimples on right cheek.

Day 1

My name is Teya I've been struggling with acne for 7.5 years. I've tried everything to make them go away but they just didn't want to leave my face. On 3rd of June I had a dermatologist and she decided we should try with accutane.  I'm 20 and I weigh like 48 kg.  My dose is 20mg per day.
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