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The Cure That Worked For Me

I have been using this website for years. And I always said if I figure out a way to heal my acne, I would share it here. I know everyone has different skin, and what works for me may not work for you. But I had to write this just in case it could help just one person, because I know the pain of bad acne. Quick background (or just skip to the bottom for my regimen): I used to get a couple pimples here and there as a teenager, but nothing too bad. It was not a problem. The when I was 20, out of nowhere my skin just took a dive. I moved to NYC and although I loved it, I was very stressed out with school and work. I do think stress has a big impact on my skin. I immediately went out and tried different over the counter treatments. I tried proactive, then SkinID, then True Botanicals, BP creams, etc. I would wait months hoping it would get better, but it only would get worse and worse. This was a time when I had the worst skin of my life. My jawline, chin, cheeks, forehead, everything was covered. It was cystic as well, so it hurt sometimes. And it was so embarrassing and such a self esteem killer. After almost a year I went to a dermatologist. They gave me doxycycline. It worked. And suddenly I was back to having skin that was better than it had ever been. People would ask me what I did for my skin. Excellent! Well until a few years when the dermatologist told me I couldn't stay on the antibiotics anymore. They explained to me how bad it was, but I was so scared it would all go downhill. They then suggested Accutane. I know that one is great for most people, but there were many reasons I didn't want to use it. And my sister got it, but her acne still came back. So I said no. Well sadly my bad skin came back. It was still cystic and I'd get it all over my face again. So I started to look for non prescription cures. I would try new things all the time, holding out for months to see if it worked. Sometimes it seemed like things were helping, and I'd clear up a bit and my friends and family would acknowledge it. It was nice of them to try to be happy for me, but it felt crappy when they'd say 'oh your skin looks so much better' because you realize how much they notice it. And then I'd feel even crappier when I'd see them a few weeks later and all the progress was gone and my skin was bad again and they would just ignore the topic . That felt like an endless cycle, so eventually a compliment on my improving skin would receive a response of 'ehh it'll go bad again in a week or two'. And another pet peeve was when friends with already great skin would tell me to buy what they use. I know they were trying to 'help' and it came from a place of kindness, but it felt like they thought I wasn't trying. Suggesting a face wash? Really? Like I haven't tried all of them! Haha sorry I'm ranting, but having acne issues is heartbreaking and it was hard to deal with that type of stuff. But anyway, then this summer, I stumbled into (finally!) something that worked for me! I was reading a random article where they asked 5 girls what cured their acne. I read them all and already could cross off some that I'd already tried. But one I had never heard of (estroblock)  and I researched it and decided it was worth the try.  I have taken this and added other things- I am not sure what is keeping me clear, but for now I do it all because it's worth it! I have had clear skin for more than 6 months since I started this new regimen. I'm in my late 20s now, it would have been nice to have it sooner, but heck I can't complain. My skin is now practically perfect. I sometimes get a small zit or two, but it's mostly during my period and it goes quick. Most of the scars are gone now too and I can go makeup free and feel pretty!! SO amazing. My Cure/Regimen:  I take DIM (initially it was Estroblock- but I read DIM was basically the same just cheaper) one pill every day (Read Estroblock Amazon Reviews- it is so good!) I make a baking soda mask 3-4 times a week (just water mixed with baking soda until it is a paste I can put on my face and it stays on) and wear it for at least 15 minutes I try to exercise as much as I can (I sometimes only go for 10 minutes, just to get my heartbeat up) I try to get a multivitamin or zinc pill in me every other day I wash my face twice a day- I was told by the dermatologist years ago to keep it very basic- I use Cetaphil or Cera Ve (no Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicyclic acid in the face wash)   And that's it! I think it's the DIM and the baking soda mask that are the main contributors- so if you don't want to do it all- do those! And I seriously just hope this helps someone, anyone. I know how much acne sucks, and I have been on this website for years and it has helped a lot to hear other people's stories.I seriously hope everyone on here finds the cure for them!  




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