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Month 1- Thayers Witch Hazel Aloe Rose Petal

After beginning a new lifestyle of going natural, my skin has been broken out more than half of the month. As is was the holidays and i was eating greasy, chocolatey food, I still feel like something else is contributing to my acne as well. So being back at school for a new semester I decided to start new natural products and give them a try to see how it will effect my skin. I have very, very sensitive dry acne prone skin but Its time to try something that might potentially work for me. Im beginning to eat healthier as well. I use Cetaphil facewash, and loreal moisturizer. I heard using pure coconut oil helps as a moisturizer especially because I have such dry, patchy, flaky skin. Apparently Thayers toner doesn't dry out? I started two nights ago, using morning and night after washing my face. Everything looks the same... If you are debating going on a drug such as spironactalone, read my past year blog on it. But for now, Ill write back when I see any changes in my skin. Fingers crossed.