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Issues with Fatigue, Irregular Acne, slightly less awful intro

Apologize for the awful introduction last time, here's a quick overview of the diet: No Oils, eat mostly starch based Carbohydrates, the diet is vegan so no animal products. No nuts because of their high fat content. The diet is inherently moderate in protein (around 30-60 grams, depending on legume consumption), and very low in fat (10-15 grams).

Day 8:
Foods I ate yesterday: oatmeal, potatoes and sweet potatoes curry with brown rice and some assorted vegetables. Spoonful of wakame for iodine mostly.

Status report: Fatigue has been an issue. In fact my first entry was written in a borderline psychoactive state as evident by it's weirdness. Anyways, I do feel better today so I'm banking on it being a transitional period of sorts. 

Acne has been strange. I'm getting quite a few whiteheads which I rarely get. I counted five whiteheads this morning. Generally my acne is red and cystic. The whiteheads are formed around my left cheek and chin. The redness and thick flesh of my cheeks seems slightly better, though it's hard to tell objectively. It's a bit disheartening for such an extreme diet to have negative affects but it's only been 8 days so I'm going to try to persevere for 60 days.







Behold.. the glory of dietary science.
Witness, one man, as he DEEP DIVES into the arduous, underground world of high carb diets.
Watch, as he tackles the ONEROUS ONSLAUGHT of:
sweet potatoes,
and rice of the brown variety.
Will he buckle under the immense pressure and glucose overload?
We will see my comrades.

Age: 29
Sex: Male
Ethnicity: Japanese/Anglo (mostly Irish/Scottish)
Type of acne: mostly cystic cheek acne/redness/rough skin. Blackheads on nose. Sometimes chin Acne.
Skin type: combination: oily nose, oily to normal cheeks/ dry around mouth area and lower cheeks.

Day 5 (didn't start this blog right away)

foods today:
1 cup of steel cut oats, used waay to much water, life is learning.
big 'ole dollop of rice, couple dollops of sweet potatoes and potatoes, boiled in curry powder and water.
spoonful of wakame.
B12 supp.

Nose feels a little less oily than usual.
3 white heads that I didn't have before.
Seems to be a decline in redness of the cheeks but hard to say conclusively.