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Day 19 being in my house the thought of stepping out my front door brings crazy anxiety thanks for the help of my children i dont have to but yet they are stuck in the house with me i dont work cant book a holiday dont socialise lost friends as this is my deepest secret my face stops me its sucked my life for 16 years and still counting my profile picture is as resent as 3 days and only brave enough to show my face on this site out of desperation  because i really feel like im at the end with this condition i feel so alone i dont know what the next step is i dont want to be perfect just normal ive gone through the doctors dermotolagest Accutane antibiotics birth controls creams ect that did nothing but made my hair really thin ive spent thousands on lazers treatment facials prp im  currently on pure vitamins vit c.d3.bcomplex.maca.Llysine probiotics ive also started taking blemless just over 2 weeks ago i might be purging or it might just not agree with me but like with everything 4 acne u have to take it for atleat 6weeks 

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