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Before considering antibiotics and a facial cleanser for acne. Ask your primary doctor for your blood type and research what your super market list should have listed to fight acne. If by any chance you are vegan and vegetarian Consider more greens like broccoli with vitamins and fruits for example blue berries that have antioxidants. Try having less dairy on your supermarket list and consider other alternatives like soy. Some other blood types need more meats than vegetables and this also causes acne. The acne can be nutritional and have other factors that are causing the acne. Your blood type will also determine what kind of exercise you do best in to keep your body healthy. A vist to the dermatologiest helps find out if the type of acne is allergies and need to see a allergiest and asthma doctor, for food allergies and detergents that irritate the skin.The dermatolgiest will determine if the acne is infected by bacteria and needs antibiotics to fight the wound/ acne. 

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