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My First Post

It has been approximately 2 years since I have been struggling with acne. It was almost like the day I started middle school it showed up out of the blue. At first, I thought that it was just a few pimples and my dad had always said to pop them so that is what I did. Soon, a few pimples turned into a mass of scabs and redness all over my forehead. I wore special makeup to help me feel more content with myself even though people told me it looked worse then if I were to do nothing. I spent a lot of my nights crying in the bathroom picking at my skin yelling at myself to stop because I knew that was the issue but I couldn't-- I was addicted. My mom got me Proactiv and I obsessed over it. I washed my face as many times a day that I could. Although, along with that, I still picked. Nothing changed. I got so frustrated I just gave up on washing my face and resorted to just picking and makeup. That was probably half of a year through and maybe the worst my acne has ever been. My mom decided to take me to the dermatologist and she gave me special lotion for my face. I saw improvement but not enough. We went back after about 3 months and I got another lotion to go along with the one I already had. This lotion dried my nose because I was putting to much on in hopes it would make my skin better. I still picked all trough this and now I was picking at the dry skin on my nose too. My forehead and nose were now a big mass of redness and bumps. This is now about a year and a fourth of the way through and we went back to the doctor and she gave me a new lotion that wouldn't be as dehydrating to my face. It worked. But I still picked and picked but my skin looked so much better then it did 6 months ago. Then it fell again because of my constant picking and I went back to the doctor. She gave me pills to take. It took them three weeks to start working and I saw improvement but not enough. Overtime I started to not take the pills because I was discouraged and gave up which brings us to know. Now I am currently trying to find a way to get me to stop picking and I am trying to encourage myself to take the pills and wash my face which I still do just not enough. I have small scabs on my face which are fine but I have 3 big pimples that aren't even pimples anymore they are just huge red spots on my fave that ooze pus and make it really difficult to cover them up. I still pick and because of that I cut my skin and the pimples a lot so I end up putting on neosporin which clogs my pores.I will posts a picture of my forehead currently to show you. If you have any tips or suggestions for me PLEASE let me know. And, If you have stuck around this long thanks for taking the time to read. 

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