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my last visit here was sep of 2017 now im back with a new routine 

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hi it’s been 9 mos since i posted an entry about me taking spironolactone and since then there was still no change of my acne condition in fact it gotten worst, i havent taken any pictures since then, ever since i had acne i don’t like taking pictures or looking at my face in the mirror. 
so this was my acne 9mos ago. i have been thinking constantly on ways how to get rid of it i even tried oil cleansing those youtube vids and at first i thought it was working but it didn’t it has gotten worst so imagine this face 9mos ago plus it has gotten worse after trying oil cleansing hahaha but anyway i thought of doing something that i really wanted to try but i coudn’t because i was an addict, yes i am a coffee addict. starbucks is life, gong cha is lifer, boss’ cafe caramello latte and coffee bean’s cinnamon latte makes me day comeplete and i drink it almost everyday. i come to this idea years ago that sweets or sugars can contribute to acne but i ignored them since you know addict. but last month i didnt know but i thought im 29 and i still have this face all my friends has this smooth skin, and im still stuck into this condition, so i decided to try no dairy or same products for a month. and yes it has been exactly one month i didnt have sugar or any dairy products. and you know what??? im so happy right now, because my face improve a LOT. tha second picture was taken today, comparing to my face 9 mos ago with agree red papules my face now has dark brown not angry looking acne and when i touch my cheek no papules smooth the only thing is the dark brownish color and my pores are visible. and this has been the bestest condition of my face ever since my acne broke out years ago. before i cant completely cover my acnes when i put foundation but now when i put foundation 80% is fully covered and my confidence level has increase. i can talk to people now eye to eye not like before. its been a month and my face improve a lot how much more after another month?? 3months? 4months??? hehehe and i also stop eating fast foods like mcdonalds yip i only eat home cook meals now if im work i pack up my meal then i only drink water yes water, but i cant leave my coffee addiction behind, i still drink but the local kind of coffee and guess what im not breaking out for a month now hehe 
so i will continue this no starbucks thingy and i will post again after a month hahaha 
yes im blaning starbucks coz you know im a starucks addict haha or in other words dairy drink addict anyway.... see yah i must not forget to update or i must not succumb to temptation this 2nd month