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Month One Complete!!

It's been a few weeks since I last updated this blog, so be prepared for a long one!

Right now, without hopefully jinxing it, I have no actives on my face!! It's by no means clear however, unfortunately still some quite persistent lumps from previous spots that just won't go down . I also have A LOT of hyperpigmentation and a few scars so definitely not looking clear by any means.

But I honestly can't believe this right now, after just 4 weeks I've reached a point where I am going a good few days without getting a cluster of new spots. Before roaccutane I would usually get about 3-4 new spots a day so this is a real difference. I did notice a bit of a purge in the first 2 weeks with a cluster of cysts quite suddenly popping up around my mouth and a few on one of cheeks - the ones on the cheeks being the persistent ones that won't fully go down (). But since then I've still been getting spots but just not the same quantity and going a few days between them popping up.

In terms of side effects, my skin certainly isn't oily anymore. Before starting the medication, I would have said my skin wasn't even that oily but now that I'm producing so little of it I realise I was wrong hahah. And my makeup lasts really well all day!! However, I wouldn't say my face is particularly dry. After washing my face, if I were to leave it for half an hour without moisturising, I would notice dry patches on my chin but that's about it. I've been using the Clinique moisture surge collection which I really recommend, pricey but good at battling the dryness!

My lips are pretty dry though. I apply the La Roche Posay Cicaplast lip balm which I really like. I apply it in the morning, then usually sometime half way through the day and then a thick layer at night before going to bed. So only applying 3-4 times a day max, but I have split my lip twice since starting roaccutane.

My hair is now going days between washes. Right now, I washed my hair 4 days ago and have been to the gym twice in that time, sweating a fair bit, and it still no grease to be seen (for reference I washed my hair every other day before starting).

I began getting a dull ache in my lower back about 2 weeks ago, which I noticed whilst running. Since that happened I have been taking an omega 3, 6 and 9 supplement everyday and today I was at the gym doing bursts of sprinting on the treadmill and didn't notice any aches.

That's pretty much it on the side effects, my mood has been pretty positive, no stress as uni is finished for summer and generally happy about the progress being made.

I also had my dermatologist appointment last week. My skin wasn't actually looking too good last week at the appointment (always happens) but I spoke to her about how I'm doing good with the side effects but obviously want some more progress, so she's upped me to 30mg!! I'm pretty excited about upping my dose but also slightly nervous that I'll see another purge, which I know will disappoint me given how good it's looking right now. I'm also going on holiday next week to see family so I'm reaaaally hoping it doesn't happen.

Oh, I got my blood test done last week also, and found out my cholesterol is high, but still within standard limits (5.2) so I'm trying to keep to a low fat, healthy diet as up until last week my diet consisted of a lot of pizza and chocolate, so sad times :(((

Well I think that's it for the update. I'll try to update more frequently as this was a lonnnng post, soz about that. Let's hope for more progress at the next one!!





Week One Complete!

So today I took my 8th 20mg roaccutane tablet.

And after 8 days, I have noticed...nothing.

No dryness, no aches or pains, no anything. (However I have had slightly dry lips but I'm attributing it to hay fever as it has been SO bad and my body is fully stocked up on antihistamine, yet I still can't breathe properly and want to pull my eyeballs out of my head - can anyone else relate? hahah)

The first 3-4 days my skin cleared slightly, which I believe was just mere coincidence. However, days 4-8 I have had a breakout, but in all honesty I think it was just normal and would have happened even if I wasn't on roaccutane. So at this moment I'm not treating it as a purge.

So yeah, no purging or dryness. Did anyone else starting out on 20mg not notice anything over the first week? Of course I don't want to jinx myself, I'm fully aware I might wake up tomorrow or in 2 weeks time and it may all hit me, but I am slightly concerned that I haven't noticed anything. I've been following multiple instagram accounts and a lot of people seem to have started experiencing dryness around day 6, from what I've seen.

As I said in my last update, I am moisturising as well as I can because I do fear the dryness. I've been using Clinique moisture surge serum and moisturiser, and I'm really liking them so far. My face feels soo smooth where I don't have acne present (but that's not a very large area hahahah).

So yep, not much to report as of yet, just trying to remain as patient as I can. Hopefully next week will be a little more eventful





Roaccutane - Week 0, Day 1

Hi all,

It's been quite a while since I last posted; back then I was planning on beginning roaccutane within that following week, but for some unforeseen reasons that did not happen.

As I mentioned previously I am undertaking private treatment in the UK. This process has really allowed me to fully appreciate the NHS as I found out a private blood test would set me back £490. So, in the end, I went to my university GP and I'm now having my blood tests under the NHS. However I am still visiting my dermatologist privately. 

Anyway, so I finally received my prescription last week and have just come home from university for summer. I took my first 20mg pill today - I feel incredibly anxious in all honesty for what's to come over the next 4-6 months, but hopefully, in the end, it shall be a success.

Weirdly, my skin decided to clear up about a month ago, but then I had an almighty breakout which has been pretty consistent up until now. I started my roaccutane skin care routine about a week ago and I've been moisturising the heck out of my face and lips, so really hoping the adjustment will.

A side note - just wondering whether anyone else on here is taking roaccutane and suffering from hayfever? I'm a bit worried about the whole dry nose/nose bleed side effect as I think the hay fever may contribute to this as I am blowing my nose constantly right now. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

I shall be updating this blog on a weekly basis, listing my side effects, how my skin is doing, etc.

Here's to the journey for clear skin!!!




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Pre-Roaccutane: Day 1

Today is the day I've made the decision to go on Roaccutane. I'm incredibly apprehensive about what I'm about to embark on over the next however many months. It probably doesn't help that I have uni exams in 2 weeks that are already stressing me out.

I've included an incredibly long, detailed account of my acne in the About section above, if anyone wants to know what I have used up to this point to tackle my acne. But as I said it is very long, just as a disclaimer.

I should probably add that I am going privately for treatment (in the UK), and I will detail costs etc. involved as I haven't really been able to find this anywhere and my dermatologist alone was very ambiguous when I asked how much treatment would cost in total. I'm extremely grateful that my parents are funding this for me, because without them I'd be waiting for referral on the NHS for roughly 16 weeks and I've got to the point where I'm really struggling to even leave my bedroom.

Tomorrow I'm going for my blood test and should hopefully be getting the medication by the end of next week before I go back to university.

Right now I don't feel confident enough to share pictures of my acne, but hopefully once the ball is rolling and treatment has started I'll be confident enough to upload them.