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I couldn't find any reviews on this product here, So I thought writing this. This is a review by user who used it. 

I know some people with real oily and acne-prone skin who actually stay away from moisturizer. Reason being, “moisturizer is oil and it just actually makes the skin more greasy”. Well dahlings, let’s unkink the real misconception, shall we?


Moisture is all about water.  The main content of moisturizer is water. The main job of a moisturizer is to seal water so the skin remains it hydrated. A well hydrated skin makes it actually glow and look supple. But see not all skin are really created equal. Mine had been real cruel and unfair for years. If there’s one thing to love with this grease ball face, that would be really delayed wrinkles. That.is.all. 


Having said that, it is mighty important to use a real product which is made specially catered to our needs. I had the opportunity to try the new Reviva Labs’s daytime moisturizer for oily skin, Glycolic Acid Daytime Light Cream Moisturizer.


So what’s special about glycolic acid then? {wears my serious hat}. It’s a form of real AHA or alpha hydroxy acid which is a good exfoliant. Meaning, it actually helps shed dead skin cells. For acne sufferers, it actually dissolves oil and unclogs pores to really keep blemishes at bay.

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$25, 1.5oz/ 42g

 Ingredients: cross-linked fatty acids taken from sunflower and also safflower seeds, aloe cellulose, mineral water, glycolic acid polymer, and lemon extract, witch hazel.

This one is non greasy and ideal for oily skin.

I always go to following web site to check the stats of any health product so i have given it below,


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