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    Ok so technically day 2 is day 3 and day 1 was the morning after I took the first pill but whatever. I was not expecting it to affect me this fast. My skin hasn't started to change any which isn't a surprise but I am DRY. I heavily moisturerize normally anyway but after I showered today my nose was definitely a little flaky on one side but my eyes and the inside of my nose are super dry. I'm going without contacts today so my contacts don't fall out from being too dry. I'm taking 30mg of claravis and I'm 100 pounds so I guess because I'm lighter it's taking effect faster, my friend is 150 and he started out on 30 and didn't have any effects for a week or so. It might also be because it's 30 degrees outside. I will be moisturerizing like crazy from now on, will also be looking into nasal spray and eyedrops

  1. I never set out to update by seasons but it seems to be happening that way.  Skin for the past few weeks had been slightly less inflamed and not as much clusters of acne.  Now that the weather is getting really cold and i am really sick, my skin is not happy.  I am having clusters of inflamed acne pop up on my left side by mouth and chin.  I also have a ton of non-inflamed acne on both outer cheeks.  My chin has been pretty decent since beginning the Elidel and Soolantra on there.  My forehead is doing well too.  I find that every time it gets to the point my skin is flaring up, i categorize it as the worst its ever been.  When it goes back to a decent state, i then end up feeling like an idiot.  Right now, in this moment, this inflammation is leading me to have those obsessive thoughts about my skin such as:

    it's getting worse

    everyone is looking at me

    it makes me look ugly

    i want to hide in a shell

    i am embarrassed

    But the fact of the matter is that I am simply NOT that important.  People don't care about my skin at all and even though my acne is very noticeable, it's a minuscule part of me and has NOTHING to do with who i am as a person.  It took me a long time to acknowledge the self hate and contempt that i have had for my skin due to embarrassment but you know what, it's something that i want to change and I can change.  It's one of the few things in this whole equation that i have control of.  I may not like my acne but i damn sure will NOT let it be the defining thing about me.


    Merry Christmas to everyone.    



  2. Low Dose Accutane (10mg/day) - Day 109

    • It took me about 109 days until the initial break is finished.. holy...
    • Face became extremely prone to scarring > most recent pimples left me one deep box car and one deep ice pick scars (Yellow circled); 
    • Face so dry
    • It is certain that the side effects is certainly less severe for low dose
    • Overall, for past 109 days, my face got worse and worse everyday 

    -TCA Cross: test treated - Day 94  (Red circled)

    • I thought they got improved about 15% in depth but this week they became very deep pitted ice pick scars. I was comparing them with my old pictures and I am certain they got worse maybe due to Accutane?
    • One of the treated scar got conned with another scar.

    I made an appointment for my TCA + Subcision session on 21st but I am now so worried about my scars getting worse because of TCA.. my face is so damn prone to scarring now.. it is extremely sensitive and dry.. 

    Maybe I should stop taking acctuane 1 week before the treatment and start again 1 week after the treatment..

    I think my next post will be after the treatment of TCA Cross and subcision. 


  3. jasiexrose
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    Now, it is week 11 of my treatment (and technically week 7 of using adapalene and clindamycin). There hasn't been any major changes. The large pimples I mentioned last time have mostly gone down. There's only one large pimple now and my right cheek has become a bit smoother. Other than that, there's nothing interesting. 

    Also, I forgot to mentioned in the last entry, but I am Asian with medium skin tone that can tan fairly easy. I don't each much junk food as I use to (a bag of chips every other day, sometimes cookies, ect.) and rarely eat dairy. I drink about 4-6 cups of water. That's all for this entry. 

  4. I copied and pasted a comment I made on a blog. This will get rid of your acne. 

    The acne was gone for some time and came back until I've discovered how to get rid of it FOREVER (recently about a year ago I discovered the missing piece). Before I tell you what to do, I'm going to educate you on how the skin works. Many people like to buy products or start harsh treatments without knowing what they do. It is important to know how the skin functions before using anything. First of all, your skin likes oil. Sebum, also known as an oil or fat is naturally acidic to keep bacteria away. Our skin is at a ph between 4-5-5.5 to keep acne away and healthy bacteria on our skin. The issue is humans like to strip their acidic mantle (oil) and dry out their barrier, which makes our skin OVERPRODUCE OIL AND MIXES WITH DEAD SKIN CELLS (your pore gets clogged). You are breaking out because you have dead skin cells sitting on your surface that aren't being properly shed. You have DRY dead skin cells. Our skin knows how to desquamate or shed unless the barrier is dry and damaged. We have certain enzymes that shed our skin but when it's disrupted we get inflammation or dry skin or acne. Our skin needs to be properly balanced with the right amount oil and water, similar to our natural barrier. Too much oil, you get acne. Too much dead skin you get acne. Cleansers and certain alkaline products do this (SOAP). Think about it: Why do you think some of your friends who do nothing to their skin have great skin? They aren't stripping the acidic mantle, or oil from their skin. Most of these people probably cleanse once a night or never. Now I'm going to tell you what to do for clear skin FOREVER.

    At night ONCE A NIGHT: Use Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser (not the daily facial one) for thirty seconds up to a minute max. Why? cleansing the skin too long causes dryness which in turn causes skin cells to dry out and clog your pores. They stick to the pore and do not know how to exfoliate properly. You need to keep skin acidic. If you cleanse too long skin becomes alkaline and a breeding ground for bacteria to invade. 

    Next: Apply Cetaphil Moisturizing CREAM (not lotion): With your palms melt this moisturizer on your face. Do not rub!!!!! Pat it into your skin so it absorbs. This cream is in a range of 4.5-5.5. It will keep acne away by being acidic and providing water to the skin that aids in exfoliation/desquamates. Never I mean ever again scrub your skin, rub it hard, never. Moisturizers exfoliate the skin that's a secret. People think they have to scrub and get rid of those dead skin cells that cause acne. NOPE. A moisturizer with oil and water will dissolve dead skin in about an hour and you'll glow. So as I was saying...melt it into your skin and put your finger on your face and if you see oil, good job. That oil is going to dissolve those dead skin cells that cause pore blockage (in about an hour your skin will glow bc all the dead skin went bye bye). Now when you pat it, pat it for about ten seconds or 15. You don't want to be patting it too long or rubbing. You also can sweep it on your face in an outward motion or downward. The point is youre applying heat to the moisturizer. and you are dabbing/patting You can even rub the moisturizer in your hands first then swipe it on your face (that works wonders). What you just did is you made the moisturizer absorb better into your skin and you created a barrier from air and harsh winds. Your skin needs to stay moisturized in order to be acne-free. Acne medications do get rid of acne bc they increase cell turnover and shedding as I mentioned, but guess what???????? MOISTURIZERS DO THAT TOO EXCEPT IT DOESNT DRY OUT YOUR SKIN. People who have healthy skin have acidic skin and moisturized skin. Okay so back to the regimen....you cleanse ONCE A NIGHT AND APPLY THIS CREAM. THIS PROCESSS SHOULD NOT INCLUDE RUBBING, SCRUBBING, LONG EXPOSURE TO WATER (DRIES YOUR SKIN OUT). Oh and when you shower, keep your face away from water.  Let water touch your skin only at the sink, once a night. Why??? bc water is a ph of 7 which is neutral not acidic. Also tap water has chlorine and salts which are drying and slow down the shedding of dead skin cells. In the morning, don't do anything at allllllllll. washing your face too much causes dry skin which causes that combination skin aka acne! comfortable skin is acne-free. When using the moisturizer, pat it in for not that long so you also let the water in the moisturizer get trapped in the skin to effectively exfoliate your skin. Skin needs water and oil to effectively shed. So your job is to provide a barrier overnigh, once a day, only at night. In a month, your skin will be a lotttttt better. it takes 28 days for skin to renew itself. why do u think acne meds take a while? they are shedding layers of dead skin which a moisturizer does the same thing, but bad dermatologists won't tell u that. Only the good ones will. The secret to clear skin to cleanse once a day and melting oil/water in your skin (moisturizer). have questions? message me.



    the products mentioned above can be found in any drug store or supermarket and I don't work for the company btw. Those are the only products I like by cetaphil, the other ones haven't been good to me, for other reasons not due to acne. Other water in oil emulsions aka moisturizers can do fine but I just mention this one bc it's correctly ph-balanced and it has oil/water to dissolve that sticky layer that sits on your face. My skin is clear now and it glows every morning. 


    - Never dry out your skin. Your skin is naturally acidic in the range of 4.0-5.5. When you use a soap that is alkaline, your acid mantle is stripped aka sebum aka fat that keeps external elements out of your skin and protects against bacteria, harsh winds etc. When you strip your skin it produces extra oil and guess what? YOU BREAK OUT. STOP OVER-CLEANSING!

    - Never scrub, tug, or pull. For all you exfoliators out there, stop now. Your skin can easily be exfoliated by applying an oil and water emulsion called a MOISTURIZER. This sheds dead skin cells in an hour, but the trick is the moisturizer needs slight oil without absorbent properties such as minerals like silica or magnesium silicate. When slight oil is left on skin for at least an our, skin cells loosen after an hour. DEAD SKIN CELLS AND OIL CAUSE ACNE NOT OIL ALONE!!!!!!!! DEAD SKIN CELLS GET TRAPPED IN THE PORE WHICH MIXES WITH OIL/sebum. Humans have oil on their skin for a reason! OIL ACTS AS A NATURAL BARRIER AGAINST ACNE, HARSH WINDS, DRYNESS, ETC. BC IT HOLDS ONTO WATER, WHICH PREVENTS TEWL (TRANS-EPIDERMAL WATER LOSS). WHEN YOU KEEP STRIPPING THAT OIL AND DRYING YOUR FACE OUT, MORE OIL WILL BE PRODUCED AND NOW YOU HAVE "OILY SKIN". YOU DON'T HAVE OILY SKIN, YOU ARE STRIPPING YOUR BARRIER. STOP NOW.

    - Cleanse face once a day not TWICE!!!!!!! When you wash your face, you are stripping your acidic mantle and your skin will produce more oil and dry dead skin cells to over compensate. 

    - Cleanse for 30 seconds or a minute max. Be gentle and do not scrub.

    - Avoid long contact with water. Even better don't let water touch your face in the shower. Once a night, cleanse face in the sink and that's it. Water dries skin out, causing more dead skin cells,which clog pores. The key is to avoid DRY, DEAD SKIN CELLS. THAT CAUSES ACNE. IT'S NOT OIL, ONCE AGAIN IT'S NOT OIL. GETTING RID OF OIL IS A TEMPORARY FIX THUS CAUSING ACNE. Tap water has chlorine too which is drying and damaging to our barrier. Water is a ph of 7 (neutral). Our skin is acidic. Keep it acidic. Use products in the 4.0-5.5 range. Simple.

    - DON'T BE AFRAID OF SWEAT- sweat has NMFS which are natural moisturizing factors. The urea in sweat naturally exfoliates skin while the water hydrates dead skin cells. The cell gaps become filled with water, and are able to exfoliate properly. Remember acne-induced skin is caused by irregular skin shedding. Irregular skin shedding is due to dryness and oily skin (aka combination skin which is bc you aren't balanced). THE REASON FOR COMBO SKIN IS BC YOU ARE NOT BALANCED.

    - If your skin is combination or dry it is bc you are using the wrong products. Stop now.

    - In order to avoid acne, your skin needs the proper balance of oil and water to effectively shed itself. The purpose of acne meds is to shed dead skin layers, where the acne is hidden. That is why is takes a long time for acne meds to work bc all the dead skin layers need to be shed BUT GUESS WHAT???? A MOISTURIZER WILL DO EXACTLY WHAT ACNE MEDS DO IF IT IS WATER AND OIL BASED. THE OIL LOOSEN THE DEAD SKIN CELLS AND THE WATER IS HELD WITHIN THE SKIN CELLS. A MOISTURIZER THAT DOES THIS IS CETAPHIL MOISTURIZING CREAM. PAT IT AND MELT IT IN YOUR SKIN, IN AN HOUR YOU'LL SEE ACNE EMERGING AND SHOWING UP THAT'S BEEN HIDEN UNDER YOUR SKIN.

  5. Hey so I know I've been gone for three weeks, But its been the holidays and a crazy month! I have developed really bad eczema on my hand and ankles, I have a dermatology appointment in 4 days so I will be asking for some sort of a topical cream to treat that. I have still had the normal nose bleeds every now and then and the crazy dry lips. Nothing Aquaphor cant fix!

    I had absolutely clear skin for about 2-3 weeks and just a few days ago I broke out with 3 small cysts on my jawline. I think this is either due to me traveling by plane a few days before or just because I am suppose to be having my period...except its 6 days late. Last month my period came 5 days late. There is definitely no way I could be pregnant because I do use two forms of birth control, I did some research and found that a lot of women have this problem while on accutane. They either bleed for to long, get their periods late, or skip them all together.

    I am still using Jojoba oil to get a deep cleanse/ add extra moisture (this stuff is seriously amazing) let me know if any of you use Jojoba oil and have seen amazing results from it as well.  

    I will be updating a progress picture this weekend and let you all know if my dermatologist raises my dosage. 

  6. sh1234
    Latest Entry

    Also, i forgot to mention a new cream i just got that in 2 days has healed picking wounds like nothing ive ever tried! (ive said his before about Derma E Psorzema cream, and maybe the Dermatouch retinol day cream) but this one is FOR REAL, better than everything else!!!!


    IS Clinical sHEALd Balm.

    OMG. You guys. Pickers out there....we are all looking for some magical lotion to put on after a picking spree. This is it. I thought ive found it before, but no. THIS is the one.

    After my most recent picking spree, i had like 3 big flat wound spots on my cheeks. For like a week they didnt heal one little bit, not with polysporin or retinol or aloe or any of my usual post-picking lotions. You know when you think ur skin just doesnt heal anyore and youll have those wounds forever? Then i got this balm. Its thick and calming, and the next morning.....HEALED. Went from red and open to light pink and smooth. Now 2 days later....almost totally gone. This stuff if great! It is $92 bucks a tube but it WORKS. I dont wanna sound corny and like a commercial but seriously......pickers....get this stuff!

  7. Good afternoon everyone,

    Today is day 46 of me being on Accutane. In my last post, I mention that I was going through the purging period/ initial breakout phase and I am happy to announce that it is over!! It lasted for about 2 weeks and now my skin is definitely clearing up.

    As of recently, I noticed I have been really tired all the time. It's hard for me to get up in the morning and the days I wake up earlier, around 7/8am, I am ready for bed at like 6pm. That is totally unusual for me because usually at night I have so much energy that I have a hard time sleeping and never go to sleep before 11pm. Throughout the day I generally feel sleepy also, as if I could fall asleep at any time. I hope that this doesn't continue for the next few months because it has been harder to get things done feeling this tired. Things are still doable, but just that much more difficult. I also noticed that once I get myself moving it doesn't bother me as much as when I am sitting or laying down. Keeping busy kind of distracts from being so tired so I guess if this side effect persists, I will just have to keep moving!! Lol please let me know if you've felt the same fatigue while on Accutane.

    Talk soon,


  8. Hi everyone

    It has been a while I hadn't posted. While I was away, I still suffer from acne. Big cysts. Two to three new acne on ny face every week which will definetly leave scars as soon as they appear. I also have mild depression or is it severve? As I keep thinking about my acne 80% in a day. My head hurts sometimes. I sufferred from it because I am scared. Terrified that one day my face will become worst. I really need supports and hugs and compliments that could soothe my mind. No one seems to understand my circumstances and it hard for me to explain how uncomfortable I am right now. Anyway, cheers to everyone who suffers acne the same as me.

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  9. Well here I am almost 6 months post Accutane and no cysts have occurred!! It is amazing. So happy I decided to use Accutane, I love the freedom of not having to deal and worry about acne. I get one or two teeny tiny pimples a month but other than that a clear face. The biggest thing is to not pick at any imperfection on my face. Sometimes a very small almost hive like bump will pop up but as long as I leave it alone, it's usually gone the next day. The hair is the same as my last post, I have been tracking it along side my menstrual cycle and am figuring out that the greasy times coincidence with those hormonal changes. I am hopeful for the next 6 months! 

  10. Hello, i was deleting some really old mail from years of accumulation and passed by acne.org notifications so i decided to might as well give an update.

    Last time i took a pill of generic accutane, (Claravis?) was June 1, 2015. Since, my face has never been an issue anymore. I get the occasional white head here and there, sometimes a cystic one but that is mainly my fault 'cause i have become too confident and don't take care of my skin. For example i get drunk, or get home too tired from soccer or work that i fall dead asleep without showering or washing my face.

    My skin is oily but not as much as before accutane. I wipe it out with Kleenex tissue two times a day so it doesnt show that much, but nothing bothersome.

    Your dermatologist will tell you that even after Accutane your skin is not like most who never had issues with acne. Therefore you have to keep a regimen to maintain your skin clean and clear, My regimen to stay clear is:
    1. Use 10% Benzoyl Peroxide from Clean and Clear in the mornings.
    2. Regular Clean and Clear face wash at night.
    and thats it! 

    (Typing here sucks, your writing really lags in this site so you have to let it catch up every 3 seconds)

    I do get head pimples though, especially when i dont wash it often. I dont want to wash it often too because accutane has made my hair a little bit weak, but not as much as when i was on accutane ...hair used to fall off like crazy. I also have an itching psoriasis-like stuff growing on my right leg. Not sure if its accutane related but after 3 years i might have to go see my dermatologist for a non-acne related diagnosis.

    If yo u want to be friends you can add me on facebook, you can send me a message through here to connect or send messages. THIS SITE REALLY REALLY SUCKS NOW, THE WRITING HERE LAGS SO MUCH I HAVE TO KEEP WAITING 3-5 SECONDS FOR MY WRITING TO CATCH UP. 

  11. MPI93
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    So it's like whenever I start to see my skin being completely clear i start to break out like there's no tomorrow. Right now i have about 9 big pimples all around my chin and cheeks. I am tired of acne, and tired of taking a drug every day. I think i'm ready to venture out and find a natural way in curing hormonal acne- perhaps one that will work. I might even change my birth control pills for the 1000 time in order to try and find one that works for my skin. There are so many natural remedies for hormonal acne and for people with PCOS such as probiotics and diet and teas and all that fun stuff. I have been taking spiro for over 8 months and I don't wanna be on it for life so now s a great time to find something that works for me. I'm going to slowly stop taking spiro and start incorporating more healthy life styles in my life especially focusing more on self care. Overall, for anyone debating going on spiro i would consider all aspects. It only works if you take it so do you really wanna take it forever? The initial breakout was beyond terrible for me i broke out in places i have NEVER had a pimple before. It was far not worth it for me. 

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    let me just say, i TOTALLY regret not creating this blog earlier.

    anyways, i also have an accutane progress account on instagram by the same name, which i have posted updates on even before i began accutane.

    anyways, hello! i'm a 16 year old american girl struggling with moderate acne which sometimes flares up and becomes cystic.  i first got acne when i was 12, but it was nothing that a little bit of atralin couldn't handle.  before my freshman year of high school, my acne worsened a bit, but not much considering how my skin has recently been lol... anyways my dorm prescribed epiduo forte and aczone, which worked fairly well for a few months and then my acne slowly started to resurface.

    at that point, i was really self-conscious-- i didn't want to come to school on the first day with worse skin than when i had left it last year!! so i tried an elimination diet, which ultimately let me down the path of developing an eating disorder.

    freshman year, i lost A TON of weight and looked pretty sickly, but my skin was 100% clear and that was all that mattered.  although i believe that my acne is mostly genetic, by eliminating dairy my freshman year, i think that was what made the difference for my skin.

    however, i couldn't stay at such a low weight.  i gained weight that spring by eating foods i was uncomfortable with (aka DAIRY) and guess what?? the acne came back with VENGEANCE.  although it wasn't cystic at that point, it was EVERYWHERE.  i went to the dermatologist yet again and he put me on minocycline in june.

    from june up until mid-august, my skin was FANTASTIC. the clearest, least oily it's ever been.  however, my body built up a resistance to minocycline and my skin broke out like Crazy!!! all over, both cysts and "normal" sized pimples, but so many of them.  at that point, all i wanted was to start accutane.  my derm thought it would be a good idea, though, to try doxycycline.  it didn't work.  then he put me on bactrim.  it didn't work.

    and that was when accutane was literally the ONLY other option i had!! i started 10/28 and have enjoyed it so far! tonight i will be taking my 22nd pill:)

    side effects so far:
    DRY LIPS.  wow.
    REALLY dry face (broke out recently and idk why but its going away)
    dry scalp
    crusty inside of nostrils
    joint pain (worse at the beginning, now, its not so bad)

    btw i'm on 40mg myorisan once a day :)

    anyways, i hope this blog is helpful to some of you guys!  have a blessed, pimple-free day!

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    Hello, whoever is reading this. Writing this journey using differin gel for my acne. Before I want to say what my skin looks like and issues. I had clear skin my whole life until this half year. I’m currently 16 so still going through puberty so maybe that’s to blame but for the past 6 months I have been breaking out terribly and constantly!!! I’m also very stressed (from school and work) so that has also a factor as well.  Mainly age acne on my cheeks and scars and as well on my forehead and small amount of scars on my chin as well. Also the active pimples right now are pretty red, basically my cheeks. I’m going to be sticking with this product like it’s recommended for at least 3 months, and will doing weekly updates mainly for myself to look back on and for anyone who cares! I am aware that there is a purging period. Although I am really dreading it I know know it will give me better skin. See you in my updates! 

  12. Hey guys i need confirmation! Ive literally been on a 12 day period after i upped my dose to 75mg around two weeks ago. Im worried i dont know if this is normal!!??? Pls help. Been on spiro now for 7 months now!
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    What Is Acne

    Acne breakouts have been defined as many things; pimples; zits; blemishes; blackheads; whiteheads and just about anything else that makes someone who suffers its attack's, cringe. The condition itself is properly called acne vulgaris. The "little-known" facts that follow about what causes acne— and acne in general—may surprise even the most skin savvy of individuals! Let's find the answers you seek regarding those painful skin breakouts commonly called, acne.

    Facts About Acne

    5 Little-known Facts About Acne it can take years to outgrow acne clear-skinned youths can develop acne as adults 85% of Americans suffer with acne at sometime in their life acne attacks every race, ethnicity, age, and gender acne is the #1 skin disease in the world

    Is Acne Curable?

    No Cure, Only Control

    An acne problem is a chronic problem—lasting up to decades—which has no cure. Even those outdated prescription pills, and newly devised topical treatments will not cure it. It can only be controlled by a dedicated regiment of medicines and skin-care practices that are successful for each individual; what may work for you, may not work at all for another. For this reason, it is your skin-care practices that are making your skin look clear and lovely, not that the acne has, in any way, been cured. You are simply controlling the problem, so keep it up! You have to be more diligent than is your acne!

    Is The Sun Good For Acne?

    NO! A nice bronze colored complexion may camouflage a breakout, but once the tan fades, your skin will shed cells that clog your pores and activate more (and worse) acne in the long run.

    Is It My Fault I Have Acne?

    Blame Your Family Tree For Your Acne

    In no way is acne your fault! It is imprinted within your genes and your hormones. So, blame your chemical makeup before blaming the person in the mirror (unless it's your ancestors you see when you look in the mirror). Now, just because your chemistry is the cause, doesn't mean you can't take action.

    How to Control Stress To Control Acne?

    Stress Control May Be The Answer For Acne Control

    Did you know that stress is the greatest contributor in acne breakouts? Well it is. When you freakout over something, your brain reacts as if you were still in the wild. When this natural "fight or flight" response is activated inside the brain, trouble for acne starts-a-brewin'. What happens is this; the chemical hormone "cortisol" gets dumped into your bloodstream as if a dam has broke inside your body. This reaction causes a worse case scenario for those who are fighting acne to begin with. While eating junk-food or forgetting to clean your face here and there may instigate a flare-up, they really are not the cause at all. It is hormones and how your body handles them that are truly to blame.

    Does Popping Pimples Help?

    Popping Zits Is off Limits

    When you press on your pimples to "pop" out the nasty fluids and infection, you are actually making things worse. This pressure pushes the nasty stuff—bacteria—much deeper into the pore. This same habit can tear the flesh around the pore and leave scars forever! They say an ice cube can relieve the swelling and sensitivity, but no matter what, be sure to put a medicated topical treatment on the area to clean deep inside the pore, which is where the trouble begins.

    Is Acne Contagious?

    Can I Catch Acne

    Not even the worse case of acne is contagious! The P. acnes bacteria—the acne bacteria—can be found on every human's face...even that gorgeous gal with perfectly clear skin has a colony of acne bacteria residing on her perfect skin. How easily each person's pores get clogged, as well as the kind of oil their body manufactures, will determine whether someone breaks-out or not. Touching a face with acne with your face will not give you acne or make yours any worse.

    How Long Does It Take For A Pimple To Happen?

    It Takes Weeks To Make A Pimple

    Your skin will drop about one million dead skin cells every 45 minutes—which makes up most of the dust you "Lemon Pledge®" away every week. However, when the cells get stuck in the pore, things can get pretty clogged up. This clog prevents proper function of the pore by not allowing the body's oils to freely flow out of them. Remember that P. acnes bacteria we discussed before? This colony of bacteria loves the oil that gets stuck in the pores; which serves to ignite the P. acnes' appetite into a full-on "favorite food" feeding frenzy! Cleaning away the excess cells becomes far more important once you know why it helps control acne. No food for the bacteria, results in far less growth of the bacterial colony. Happily, this makes for far fewer acne breakouts.

    What Causes Acne Whiteheads And Red Inflammation?

    Why Do Pimples Get Red And Full Of Puss?

    When the pores of the body get blocked by dead cells, gooey oil builds up behind the barrier. With this comes the growth of bacteria, which your body's immune system sets out to do battle with. To do its fighting, the body sends out a battalion of red and white blood cells to destroy the problem. As with any conflict, there is bound to be collateral damage. We see these casualties of (acne) war as those red swollen puss-filled pimples, known as whiteheads and blackheads.

    What Are Whiteheads -If the pore is plugged just under the surface of the skin, it is a whitehead.

    What Are Blackheads If a pour gets plugged so that it expands the size of the opening (widening it) so it is exposed to air, it is considered a blackhead. You are not seeing dirt when you look at this dark plug, you are seeing the effects of oxidation on the oil and skin cells that have been trapped there

    Are Blackheads The Same As Whiteheads?

    The Black And White Of Acne

    No matter if we are discussing blackheads or whiteheads, each of these is referred to as a "comedo"—a hair follicle that has become plugged where the pore's opening is. This plug is caused by those dead skin cells, which should fall off during the day, but instead clump-up to make a thick goo when combined with the body's trapped oil.

    If you don't treat these comedos, they can hang around for many weeks to eventually become huge swollen red and terribly infected pores. To alleviate this clogging problem, it is strictly suggested by professionals that you only use products that are labeled "non-comedogenic" or "non-acnegenic" and more importantly "oil-free."

    Dermatology Help For Acne The American Academy Of Dermatology Modern excellence in dermatology research and studies. The Acne Resource Center Nutrition and Research on Acne and Important Tips on how to become Acne Free. Find A Dermatologist Find a skin doctor in your area (nation wide) for treatment and prevention of acne breakouts.

    Where Is Acne Most Predominant On The Body?

    Acne Grows Where The Follicles Go

    The last place you will find an outbreak of acne is going to be on the bottoms of your feet and the palms of your hands. Why, you may ask? Follicles and glands. Yep, it is all about the hair follicles and oil glands. Wherever you find a large number of densely located hair follicles accompanied by oil glands, you can be sure that a colony of acne will also be hanging around. Because your face, back, chest, and even your rear-end is thick with follicles, this is where we will find the greatest number of acne bacteria. It's good to know that any acne treatment that works on your face, is going to work on those other areas as well.

    Problem Acne Can Ruin Your Social Life

    When Acne Treatments Don't Work?

    Having to go through life in a constant state of battle with any problem can be frustrating and tiresome. But, when the problem is acne, there is just no hiding it. In some extreme cases, not even the most dedicated treatment program will work. In such situations, the only answer is to make an appointment with a reputable dermatologists. Life can become very lonely behind a painful red and swollen face that prevents you from finding the social life you seek. Getting the best method of treatment for acne can open up an entirely bright and fun-filled world of adventure; one where you can look your companions directly in the eyes.

    About Author:

    I am a cosmetologist and writer for writing a paper service with over 6 years’ experience. Skin health is one of the indicators of overall health. Unfortunately, most people neglect the need for skin care. I believe it is my duty to inform people about the importance of skin care.

  13. Day 75 (10mg/day)
    - Thought initial breaking out period ended, sadly I am still breaking out
    - Got every active acne extracted 2 days ago and there are 5 new pimples growing on my face already
    - Symptoms of depression 
    - Mild pain in back and around heart area

    Day ~60 (Spot treated with TCA)
    - Very little improvement, one of the area became so much wider
    - I have done light peel 2 days ago and it made the treated area very red

    I decided to stop posting updates until this freaking stubborn initial break out period ends.
    I am seriously so freaking sick and tired of being depressed and frustrated, it is affecting me so negatively..



  14. cow.jpg.2e1815cb867a76c470fac60c650e2dfa.jpg
    Acne is the most common disease of Western civilization, and it has evolved to an epidemic affecting more than 85% of adolescents and 50% of adults.
    Acne is virtually absent in non-Westernized countries that do not consume cow's milk and dairy products...Imagine that - entire populations that have never experienced acne
    Acne is now more seriously being regarded as a disease caused by exaggerated production and activity of insulin within the body.
    So what does this mean for your face?...
    Well, first you need to understand IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor). A growth hormone that controls growth and development
    Cow's milk and dairy product contain IGF-1 hormone, and consuming it dramatically increases IGF-1 hormone levels in humans.
    Now cows and humans have very different rates and measurements of growth as you can imagine.
    In fact, just 1 serving of any dairy product could contain up to 35 hormones an 11 growth factors 
    So let's take a moment to remember what mother's milk from all species is designed for: Milk is a biological fluid produced only by pregnant females to feed their new-born. It is uniquely designed to nourish babies based on each species specific physiology.
    The average new born calve weighs a whopping 63.6 pounds...the average new born human is 7.7 pounds. Calves grow to weigh around 500 pounds within their 1st year of life, and humans around 24 pounds.
    And that 1,500 pound female bovine milk has extremely high concentrations of fat, carbohydrates, lactose (sugars), proteins, vitamins and minerals, genetic material, and sex hormones...over twice that of human milk so that her baby calve can grow 40x the rate of a baby human.
    So...what are the odds it's messing with our human physiology? Pretty good right!? Don't believe me?...
    Well, calves digest milk in specific compartment with their stomachs which produce the right kind of digestive enzymes to break it down. Humans also have specific digestive enzymes to break down and absorb human breast milk as well.
    Unfortunately for dairy lovers cow's and human's were not created equally. And from an evolutionary stand-point calves and human babies both eliminate the genes and enzymes needed to digest milk somewhere around age 3, because biologically we're meant to transition away from milk and onto solid foods.
    Humans are the only species to drink milk of another species and the only species to continue drinking milk after weaning 
    This could explain why 3/4 of the entire world population is lactose intolerant. Most humans do not produce lactose after infancy...It's what nature intended‼️
    Human are also not built to handle the massive IGF-1 hormone load from dairy, especially during puberty. The systematic chain of events within your body systems from chronic abuse of IGF-1 is the very root of all "hormonal and genetic" acne. And acne continues into the adult years because all dairy is a complex hormone signaling system which creates a detrimental IGF-1 overload on our systems... as long as we continue to consume dairy.
    The human body's reaction to diary results in malfunctions in the liver, pancreas, endocrine system like your adrenal, and pituitary gland, as well as sebaceous glands, acne gene expression, and so on. How it affects these systems is the pathway to acne
    IGF-1 is what's activating your Automatic Acne Signaling System driving your Breakout Mechanism and suppressing your Clear Skin Mechanism
    It's one the oldest known acne theories that's coming to light again. And there are more scientific research studies linking acne to dairy over any other study conducted on the disease.
    If you're interested in hearing more about what the Acne Signaling System, check out
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    Acne is traditionally a teenage problem, but adults can also get breakouts. Here are seven causes of adult acne that may surprise you, with tips to prevent breakouts.

    Acne: Not Just for Teens

    Did you think your breakout woes were over when you became an adult? That you left your pimples behind with your learner's permit and first crush? Think again.

    While acne traditionally plagues teenagers, it can also affect adults. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, more than 50 percent of women in their 20s have acne. Nearly 25 percent of middle-aged women also struggle with it. Men get acne too, but to a lesser degree.

    Interestingly, adults can get acne even if they didn't have a problem during their teen years. While the pimples may look the same, adult acne is different from the high school type.

    Adults get acne along the jawline or lower part of the face, while teens usually break out on the forehead or upper half of the face. Teenage acne usually involves surface blemishes, but adult acne goes deeper to form cysts under the skin.

    What causes adult skin to break out in pimples? There are many culprits, from diet and stress to hormone changes and more. Here are seven adult acne causes that may surprise you, and a few simple tips to prevent breakouts.
    1. Cell Phones


    Cellular phones are an amazing invention, but they are bad for your complexion. They are great tools for staying in touch with the people in your life, but they can wreak havoc on your skin.

    Reasearch helpers say that cell phones encounter numerous bacteria on every surface they sit. When you talk on the phone, you put that bacteria close to your mouth, where moisture and warmth create the ideal environment for bacteria to thrive. This causes breakouts on your chin and around your mouth.

    If you constantly use your phone to talk to other people, you may unintentionally rub it against your face. The steady friction can lead to a type of adult acne called acne mechanica.

    Skin Care Tip: Clean your cell phone with an alcohol wipe or hand sanitizer at least once a day to kill acne-causing bacteria. And don't allow your phone to touch your face when you talk on it.

    2. Facial Hair Removers

    Using facial hair removers is a trade-off: you exchange unwanted facial hair for unwanted skin bumps and rashes. Hair removal can irritate your skin whether you pluck, wax, shave or use depilatories. As your skin reddens and swells, skin cells and bacteria can enter the pores and cause acne.

    The topical products used before and after hair removal can also clog pores and encourage adult acne. Skin bumps that itch are not true acne but hair follicle irritations; they can cause a transient rash that looks like acne.

    Skin Care Tip: Apply a one-percent hydrocortisone cream before and after you remove facial hair. Use topical products that are labeled "non-comedogenic" to keep your skin pores open.
    3. Hair Styling Products


    Hair styling products are a common cause of adult acne. There is even a name for this type of skin breakouts: pomade acne.

    As styling product oils trickle from your hair to your forehead, they can clog skin pores and trap acne-causing bacteria. The clogged pores then become inflamed and cause redness or pimples along the hairline.

    Skin Care Tip: Apply styling products with your fingertips and keep them away from your hairline. Wipe your skin with a facial cleanser after styling your hair. Reconsider your decision to wear bangs, which makes pomade acne worse.
    4. Makeup Removers

    Your makeup can mix with your skin's natural oils to clog pores and cause acne. This is known as acne cosmetica. Unfortunately, your makeup removal may only add to the problem.

    Most women don't clean their skin as well as they should. Many of them wear mineral makeup, and they think a swipe with a towelette will do the job at the end of the day.

    But hours of makeup, oil and dirt buildup pose a triple threat to skin pores. Without a good cleansing, bacteria gets trapped in the pores and later erupts as acne.

    Skin Care Tip: Wash your face gently but thoroughly each night, and use only non-comedogenic cleansers.

    5. Skin Care Products

    How many new skin care products do you try each year? Switching products before they have a chance to work can irritate your skin by continually introducing new ingredients and preservatives.

    Even products designed to fight adult acne can cause breakouts, especially if you overlap them. If your astringent, cleanser and face cream all have acne-fighting ingredients, using them together can irritate your skin and cause further rashes.

    Skin Care Tip: Use only one or two skin care products at a time, and give them at least six weeks to work. Not only will you save your skin, but you'll also save money and bathroom cabinet space.
    6. Sunscreen Products


    Did you know that your sunscreen can give you acne? Sunscreens contain two kinds of ingredients: chemical agents that guard against ultraviolet (UV) rays and physical agents that create a sun shield.

    Physical sunscreens, such as zinc oxide, can cause your skin to sweat underneath them. This can clog your skin pores and cause acne breakouts.

    Skin Care Tip: Choose sunscreens with chemicals rather than physical agents. Gel formulas are best; they are less likely to clog your pores than oils and lotions.

    7. Vacations and Travel

    Does your skin break out when you return home from a vacation? Travel can stress your skin with climate differences, weather changes and more. Anything from dry air and humidity to the mineral levels in drinking water can trigger adult acne.

    Travel often alters your normal your skin care regimen. Products that work in one climate may affect your skin differently in another climate. Additionally, hotel soaps can irritate your skin and make it prone to breakouts.

    Skin Care Tip: Since you can't change the weather, climate or water where you visit, consider drinking bottled water and washing your face with it. An all-in-one skin care product is also a good idea to combat adult acne when you're traveling.

    Your Turn

    What is your best tip for adult acne? Leave a comment below and join the conversation. If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your social networks.

  15. My face went oily again 2 months after finishing acnetrex for 7 months. I also have 4-5 small pimples coming out of my forehead. 

    I loved the result of acnetrex a month after I finished. My skin wasn’t as oily, it was dry most of the time, and the scars are fading. 

    i’m thinking it’s all hormonal now :( will see in the following months if there’s any diff. 

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    Hey! I know I should have started this ages ago, but I've decided to blog about my isotretinoin journey and help others learn more about the medication. I'm 18 years old, and I've had acne for about 5 years, but its become really severe over the last 2 years, due to VCE stress, starting university, travelling and more. Before starting isotretinoin, I was on doxycycline and Differin for about 3-4 months, but it didn't really do anything. I went to the dermatologist about a week ago and she prescribed 20mg of isotretinoin every day for 6 months. Today is my 4th day on isotretinoin and so far I've had quite a few new pimples but not much else. I'm super pumped and can't wait to have clear, acne-free skin so I guess that'll keep me motivated throughout! Feel free to comment and ask any questions!

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    So i've been using the whole acne.org regimen for a while now (roughly 3/4 months) and i have seen results but now i'm thinking of incorporating other products to speed up the process. Currently i'm trying soko glam triple lightening serum to see if that works. 

  16. Human microbiome is a big eco-system/community with trillions of living microorganisms that reside largely in your gut.

    Another microbiome as a host to millions of microorganisms/ bacteria is your skin. 

    And in every microbiome ( your gut or skin ) you have good and bad bacteria.

    But as within any ecosystem - balance is the key. 

    By certain things trying to destroy or introduce we can throw things out of balance.

    So when the bad bacteria begin to outnumber the good bacteria, your health is more likely to suffer. Simply because your gut bacteria has become unhealthy. 

    And from my own practice by helping hand full people with acne / and other similar "health enthusiasts" like me, have showed impressive results that damaged and unhealthy gut bacteria is one of the reasons behind your acne! 

    So, when it comes to microbiomes, the good bacteria are essential for maintaining healthy balance.

    How can you know if your gut bacteria is unhealthy? 

    1. Do you have acne?
    2. Do you have to use a toilet paper?

    So as a small resolution - Acne is just a symptom caused by much bigger problems!

    And unhealthy gut bacteria is just one of the big problems! 


    Be aware that yogurt, kefir, and probiotic powders will not solve your unhealthy gut bacterias problem! 

    For this reason, if you are interested to know the truth behind how to take care at least one of the main generators behind acne - send me a message, and lets have a free 15 minute chat!