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Current Regimen

So looking back at old posts, and feeling super sad for old me and how bad my skin use to look (a reminder for everyone to stick with it) I realized I have not talked about what i am using for my skin besides spiro. So, I do not want to be on spiro forever, and for lack of remembering to take it, I try to take 2 50mg a day, if not every other day or every couple days. Nothing bad happens when i go a couple days without it. I have not gone to the dermatologist since april, but im going next month so ill let you know what she says. Im also on birth control pills for my skin. Another big thing for my skin is DIET. DIET DIET DIET. Sugar, dairy, and greasy foods cause my forehead to break out. Im trying to be healthier anyways so i try to avoid those foods as much as I can but its hard because I have an enormous sweet tooth. I try to drink tons of water a day because water without a doubt helps my skin look healthy and beautiful. CHANGE YOUR PILLOW CASE!!!! I do that at least once a week and NEVER sleep in makeup. I use cetaphil gentle cleanser in the morning and the night, along with a light olay moisturizer. I use 1% tazorac cream every couple nights or so... I have super dry skin naturally so I cant use it every night. I use a DIY toner of 1 part apple cider vinegar and 2 parts water about 1-2 times a week to balance my PH level. (some people say not to do this but it works wonders on my skin and I have super sensitve skin so if you are gonna try it make sure to to a small patch test first.) I also use formula 10.06 orange face mask every now and then. I dont know if it does anything for me but i love facemasks so lol. Well, that has been working for me and im pretty happy with the results as you could see from my last update. If anything works for you guys let me know! I cant say i recommend spiro since i had a terrible breakout with it. I would only use it if you were as desperate as i was....






Acne is the most common disease of Western civilization, and it has evolved to an epidemic affecting more than 85% of adolescents and 50% of adults.   Acne is virtually absent in non-Westernized countries that do not consume cow's milk and dairy products...Imagine that - entire populations that have never experienced acne   Acne is now more seriously being regarded as a disease caused by exaggerated production and activity of insulin within the body.   So what does this mean for your face?...   Well, first you need to understand IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor). A growth hormone that controls growth and development   Cow's milk and dairy product contain IGF-1 hormone, and consuming it dramatically increases IGF-1 hormone levels in humans.   Now cows and humans have very different rates and measurements of growth as you can imagine.   In fact, just 1 serving of any dairy product could contain up to 35 hormones an 11 growth factors    So let's take a moment to remember what mother's milk from all species is designed for: Milk is a biological fluid produced only by pregnant females to feed their new-born. It is uniquely designed to nourish babies based on each species specific physiology.   The average new born calve weighs a whopping 63.6 pounds...the average new born human is 7.7 pounds. Calves grow to weigh around 500 pounds within their 1st year of life, and humans around 24 pounds.   And that 1,500 pound female bovine milk has extremely high concentrations of fat, carbohydrates, lactose (sugars), proteins, vitamins and minerals, genetic material, and sex hormones...over twice that of human milk so that her baby calve can grow 40x the rate of a baby human.   So...what are the odds it's messing with our human physiology? Pretty good right!? Don't believe me?...   Well, calves digest milk in specific compartment with their stomachs which produce the right kind of digestive enzymes to break it down. Humans also have specific digestive enzymes to break down and absorb human breast milk as well.   Unfortunately for dairy lovers cow's and human's were not created equally. And from an evolutionary stand-point calves and human babies both eliminate the genes and enzymes needed to digest milk somewhere around age 3, because biologically we're meant to transition away from milk and onto solid foods.   Humans are the only species to drink milk of another species and the only species to continue drinking milk after weaning    This could explain why 3/4 of the entire world population is lactose intolerant. Most humans do not produce lactose after infancy...It's what nature intended‼️   Human are also not built to handle the massive IGF-1 hormone load from dairy, especially during puberty. The systematic chain of events within your body systems from chronic abuse of IGF-1 is the very root of all "hormonal and genetic" acne. And acne continues into the adult years because all dairy is a complex hormone signaling system which creates a detrimental IGF-1 overload on our systems... as long as we continue to consume dairy.   The human body's reaction to diary results in malfunctions in the liver, pancreas, endocrine system like your adrenal, and pituitary gland, as well as sebaceous glands, acne gene expression, and so on. How it affects these systems is the pathway to acne   IGF-1 is what's activating your Automatic Acne Signaling System driving your Breakout Mechanism and suppressing your Clear Skin Mechanism   It's one the oldest known acne theories that's coming to light again. And there are more scientific research studies linking acne to dairy over any other study conducted on the disease.   If you're interested in hearing more about what the Acne Signaling System, check out   www.DermaGreens.com





Adult Acne: 7 Causes That May Surprise You

Acne is traditionally a teenage problem, but adults can also get breakouts. Here are seven causes of adult acne that may surprise you, with tips to prevent breakouts.

  Acne: Not Just for Teens
Did you think your breakout woes were over when you became an adult? That you left your pimples behind with your learner's permit and first crush? Think again.

While acne traditionally plagues teenagers, it can also affect adults. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, more than 50 percent of women in their 20s have acne. Nearly 25 percent of middle-aged women also struggle with it. Men get acne too, but to a lesser degree.

Interestingly, adults can get acne even if they didn't have a problem during their teen years. While the pimples may look the same, adult acne is different from the high school type.

Adults get acne along the jawline or lower part of the face, while teens usually break out on the forehead or upper half of the face. Teenage acne usually involves surface blemishes, but adult acne goes deeper to form cysts under the skin.

What causes adult skin to break out in pimples? There are many culprits, from diet and stress to hormone changes and more. Here are seven adult acne causes that may surprise you, and a few simple tips to prevent breakouts.
  1. Cell Phones


Cellular phones are an amazing invention, but they are bad for your complexion. They are great tools for staying in touch with the people in your life, but they can wreak havoc on your skin.

Reasearch helpers say that cell phones encounter numerous bacteria on every surface they sit. When you talk on the phone, you put that bacteria close to your mouth, where moisture and warmth create the ideal environment for bacteria to thrive. This causes breakouts on your chin and around your mouth.

If you constantly use your phone to talk to other people, you may unintentionally rub it against your face. The steady friction can lead to a type of adult acne called acne mechanica.

Skin Care Tip: Clean your cell phone with an alcohol wipe or hand sanitizer at least once a day to kill acne-causing bacteria. And don't allow your phone to touch your face when you talk on it.

  2. Facial Hair Removers

  Using facial hair removers is a trade-off: you exchange unwanted facial hair for unwanted skin bumps and rashes. Hair removal can irritate your skin whether you pluck, wax, shave or use depilatories. As your skin reddens and swells, skin cells and bacteria can enter the pores and cause acne.

The topical products used before and after hair removal can also clog pores and encourage adult acne. Skin bumps that itch are not true acne but hair follicle irritations; they can cause a transient rash that looks like acne.

Skin Care Tip: Apply a one-percent hydrocortisone cream before and after you remove facial hair. Use topical products that are labeled "non-comedogenic" to keep your skin pores open.
  3. Hair Styling Products


Hair styling products are a common cause of adult acne. There is even a name for this type of skin breakouts: pomade acne.

As styling product oils trickle from your hair to your forehead, they can clog skin pores and trap acne-causing bacteria. The clogged pores then become inflamed and cause redness or pimples along the hairline.

Skin Care Tip: Apply styling products with your fingertips and keep them away from your hairline. Wipe your skin with a facial cleanser after styling your hair. Reconsider your decision to wear bangs, which makes pomade acne worse.
  4. Makeup Removers

Your makeup can mix with your skin's natural oils to clog pores and cause acne. This is known as acne cosmetica. Unfortunately, your makeup removal may only add to the problem.

Most women don't clean their skin as well as they should. Many of them wear mineral makeup, and they think a swipe with a towelette will do the job at the end of the day.

But hours of makeup, oil and dirt buildup pose a triple threat to skin pores. Without a good cleansing, bacteria gets trapped in the pores and later erupts as acne.

Skin Care Tip: Wash your face gently but thoroughly each night, and use only non-comedogenic cleansers.

  5. Skin Care Products

  How many new skin care products do you try each year? Switching products before they have a chance to work can irritate your skin by continually introducing new ingredients and preservatives.

Even products designed to fight adult acne can cause breakouts, especially if you overlap them. If your astringent, cleanser and face cream all have acne-fighting ingredients, using them together can irritate your skin and cause further rashes.

Skin Care Tip: Use only one or two skin care products at a time, and give them at least six weeks to work. Not only will you save your skin, but you'll also save money and bathroom cabinet space.
  6. Sunscreen Products

Did you know that your sunscreen can give you acne? Sunscreens contain two kinds of ingredients: chemical agents that guard against ultraviolet (UV) rays and physical agents that create a sun shield.

Physical sunscreens, such as zinc oxide, can cause your skin to sweat underneath them. This can clog your skin pores and cause acne breakouts.

Skin Care Tip: Choose sunscreens with chemicals rather than physical agents. Gel formulas are best; they are less likely to clog your pores than oils and lotions.

  7. Vacations and Travel

  Does your skin break out when you return home from a vacation? Travel can stress your skin with climate differences, weather changes and more. Anything from dry air and humidity to the mineral levels in drinking water can trigger adult acne.

Travel often alters your normal your skin care regimen. Products that work in one climate may affect your skin differently in another climate. Additionally, hotel soaps can irritate your skin and make it prone to breakouts.

Skin Care Tip: Since you can't change the weather, climate or water where you visit, consider drinking bottled water and washing your face with it. An all-in-one skin care product is also a good idea to combat adult acne when you're traveling.

  Your Turn

  What is your best tip for adult acne? Leave a comment below and join the conversation. If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your social networks.


Elvis Young

Elvis Young



2 months after finishing Acnetrex

My face went oily again 2 months after finishing acnetrex for 7 months. I also have 4-5 small pimples coming out of my forehead. 

I loved the result of acnetrex a month after I finished. My skin wasn’t as oily, it was dry most of the time, and the scars are fading. 

i’m thinking it’s all hormonal now  will see in the following months if there’s any diff. 





1 Month Down! Day 32.

Hey everyone, this post is gonna be a little bit shorter because I am gong to the dermatologist in 3 days so I will update everyone more after my visit with her. I will also be uploading a picture of my progress after being on 40mg for one month. So far I am so happy with the results and I can't wait to show you all how my skin is looking!
This week I experienced a few nose bleeds but they were very light and short, lasted a total of maybe 45 seconds, I also have noticed that my arms are very dry and scaly... I think it might be eczema?  My skin is still the same, and the awful breakout I experienced last week is finally cleared up. So far so good! Talk to you all in a few days. 





Day 4

Hey! I know I should have started this ages ago, but I've decided to blog about my isotretinoin journey and help others learn more about the medication. I'm 18 years old, and I've had acne for about 5 years, but its become really severe over the last 2 years, due to VCE stress, starting university, travelling and more. Before starting isotretinoin, I was on doxycycline and Differin for about 3-4 months, but it didn't really do anything. I went to the dermatologist about a week ago and she prescribed 20mg of isotretinoin every day for 6 months. Today is my 4th day on isotretinoin and so far I've had quite a few new pimples but not much else. I'm super pumped and can't wait to have clear, acne-free skin so I guess that'll keep me motivated throughout! Feel free to comment and ask any questions!

Help me out!


So i've been using the whole acne.org regimen for a while now (roughly 3/4 months) and i have seen results but now i'm thinking of incorporating other products to speed up the process. Currently i'm trying soko glam triple lightening serum to see if that works. 





Accutane/Isotretinoin Day 11

Hey guys,

It's officially the end of my 11th day on Accutane and my skin finally looks and feels completely normal (as far as redness and dryness goes) from continuous use of the Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream. Today was the first day that I tried wearing makeup while having drier skin on Accutane and I am so happy to say that it was a success! Before taking this medication, my skin was super oily so I was worried about how putting on makeup would go with much drier skin. Being that the Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream is way too thick, I decided to test out Neutrogena Hydro Boost gel-cream for extra-dry skin to put underneath it. This lotion worked amazingly. It did not leave a film on my skin and after adding a primer on top, my foundation went on beautifully! I was so impressed by how thin, yet moisturizing this formula was. Also, since this was the first time I've worn full-face makeup since I started Accutane, I noticed that there was so much LESS acne and texture showing through it. Pores that have always been visible for me are as if they were never there! My makeup looked so much smoother/airbrushed on top of the skin. Later, I gently removed my makeup by using a cotton ball and my Vitamin E Oil, which worked like a charm. Next, I washed my face using (only and always while on Accutane, lol) my Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser and followed that with a thick layer of the Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream. I think that from now on, this will be my nightly skin routine! My daytime routine may involve using the Neutrogena Hydro Boost gel-cream since it leaves no residue and is not shiny or visible like the Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream is. 

To be honest, once my skin started getting extremely dry, I got very concerned with what products I should be using and if any products would even help. But after only 11 days of trial and error I have already found my products and established my new routine! I hope that for anyone struggling with a skin routine while on Accutane that this is helpful! 

If you have any questions please let me know







If you haven't heard of of the 'Caveman regimen, you're not stuck in the dark ages. It's yet another half-baked idea at to eliminate acne What they mean by "caveman" is keep your face dirty... don't wash it... don't use chemicals... just let it be. You know what cavemen did before cleansers and before acne Now, I couldn't agree more with this theory. After all cleansers and a most other acne products destroy your skin's microbiome which can make acne worse. Once you mess with your skin's acid mantle it's all down-hill from there.

Your skin's acid mantle is the film on the surface of your skin which acts as the barrier to bacteria, viruses and environmental pollutants and free-radicals which might penetrate the skin. Sebum from your sebaceous glands and your sweat make up this acid mantle. And we love washing it off when in reality you'd be better off going out into your backyard, dig a deep whole, scoop out a hand full of fresh dirt, pack a thick layer all over your face for as long as you can stand it, sit down, read a book for an hour, then wash . I recommend this treatment once a week...forget that facial you booked, you'll just go home and breakout...you know you will

Hang on though!...  Giving up on washing your face entirely isn't the answer to eliminating acne....that's just gross. Eventually you need to cleanse your face to remove bacteria and environmental pollutants. Washing excessively however...like even more than once a day will disrupt your microbiome and your skin's natural ability to balance and restore itself. A little natural oil and sweat is a good thing But that being said, even the perfect amount of face washing with the perfect acne product won't be as effective as they could be if you're not targeting your Acne Signaling System... and you're never going to cure your acne by NOT washing your face alone. That is why the Caveman regimen is only a half baked idea... Because here's something you haven't heard...As long as you're constantly activating your Breakout Mechanism you'll always have acne.

What is your Acne Signaling System?

It's where acne begins, the central point of acne initiation and proliferation, the root cause....and it's NOT on the surface or even beneath the surface of your skin. So washing or not washing won't eliminate your acne alone






Fall Update

Still in the struggle.  Acne is coming back....goodie, goodie, joy, joy!  Feeling pretty much the same as the last time.  I've made the decision to continue to eat well and try as best as i can to stay emotionally sound.  It's been hard but i'm committed to doing it.  

My derm has me on soolantra on my chin in the PM and elidel on my chin in the AM for three weeks until the inflammation on my chin goes down.  I'm still on spiro at 150 mg.  I'm dropping down to 125 soon.  Time to get this crap out of my body. 





Accutane/Isotretinoin Day 1-Day 10 -- First Pack of Accutane Complete

Good evening everyone,

It is now the end of Day 10, and being that I started this blog a little bit later than when I started I would like to update you guys on what has happened between day 1 and day 10 (today).

Day 2 (morning after taking first Accutane pill): I took my first Accutane pill (30mg) on October 17th. When I woke up the next morning, I already woke up with less oily skin and mildly dry lips. I started using Aquaphor on my lips from Day 1. 

Day 4: My skin was slightly drier, but not much, and my lips were dry. I started going heavier on moisturizing and used CeraVe Moisturizing Cream. I also continued to use Aquaphor on my lips. I also noticed that my acne had calmed down A LOT, most of my breakouts were dry and flat and I woke up with nothing new on my face. I began drinking a lot of water from here on out as well.

Day 7: My skin was SEVERELY dry and red, to the point where it felt weird to move my face in any way. I tried putting the CeraVe Moisturizing Cream on over and over and within 15 minutes my skin absorbs it all, leaving my skin dry again. It would also make my skin burn more? At the end of the day, I picked up Vitamin E Oil and put that on my face which really relieved the burning/dryness. This worked great, but as you may suspect, using this oil would make my face extremely shiny which doesn't seem appropriate for the daytime. I noticed a few new breakouts as well, but nothing more than what I would normally get. My lips were also severely dry, but as long as I kept Aquaphor on them they felt okay. I started to feel some joint pain and back pain in my lower back, to the point where if I stood for too long it would be pretty painful but nothing intolerable.

Day 10: Although I discovered some relief for my dry skin with the Vitamin E Oil, I knew that it was not realistic for me to use during the day time. Yesterday night, I asked a friend who went on Accutane what cream they recommend and they suggested Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream. I bought this cream in "rich" for very dry, sensitive skin and it has worked wonders!!! Putting it on instantly cooled the burning and relieved my skin. It is pretty thick but if your skin is super dry it is exactly what you need. I put it on last night and woke up to a much calmer, and less red face. The redness is almost entirely gone. I have been avoiding standing for long periods of time (especially if I'm carrying a heavy bag) and my lower-back pain has stopped. However, I noticed that my knees are hurting, so I am still feeling joint pain.

Although I have finally found a cream that helps with the dryness, it is way too thick for me to use under foundation or any makeup. Does anyone have any recommendations for very moisturizing lotions that work well under makeup? 

Thank you guys,






Hi guys,

My name is Natalia and I have been suffering with acne for about a decade. My acne started off mild, but got worse over the course of ten years. I began seeing a dermatologist when I was 14 years old, in hopes that there was something that they could give me that would help, and they did. However, this topical medicine's magic did not last for long. After using it for 6 months, my acne began to return. I was then given another topical to use. It worked at first, but the same pattern happened over again. And again. And again. I tried every topical medication you could think of until I ran through all of them and there was nothing left to try. After that, I gave 2 different types of antibiotics and 3 different types of birth control a shot. None of them worked the slightest bit. After 2 years of trying, at 16 years old, I was recommended Accutane by my dermatologist. Although the ending result was tempting, I was too worried about the side effects that came with it and refused to try it. After all, I was only 16 years old and thought that I was still young and had a chance of growing out of my acne. Now, I am in my early 20's and I have tried different diets, teas, supplements, you name it. Every option I could possibly try has been crossed off the list, except for one last thing. At this point in time, I have learned that I am not "growing out of it" at all, and have made the decision to try my last resort option: Accutane. Over time, after I was in the dermatologist's office at 16 and was worried to take this medication, I have met over 10 people who have done Accutane and had the common side effects, but overall a good experience with it. On this blog, I plan to document my Accutane experience because I want to help all of the people that felt like me at 16 suffering with acne and being afraid to try this medication. I hope that my experience can help! 

Also, below are pictures of my acne BEFORE beginning Accutane (left and right side are included). 







Day 24/ Breakout/ Moderate acne turned cystic

Thought I would update everyone on the past 4 days since I wont be able to tomorrow because it's my 21st birthday!!! (and yes I will be drinking while on Accutane tomorrow. My mom is a doctor and she said that since I am on a low dose drinking wouldn't damage my liver)
The day after I updated everyone I formed another cystic pimple on my left jaw line  ... it's really weird because when I had my first initial breakout all the cystic pimples that I had on the right side of my face decided to switch to the same exact spots on the left side of my face? As I am writing this I have Three Cystic pimples on the left side of my face that are slowly going down. Over the weekend I went Skiing with some friends and I skipped taking my pill for a day so that might be why I formed another pimple?
Anyway just thought I would let everyone Know I am having another initial breakout (right before my birthday) but I am honestly not bothered by it at all because I have seen for the past two weeks how amazing Accutane is and how quickly it clears up my skin after I have a breakout.
Side comment: Anyone that has moderate acne and never gets cystic acne, you will most likely end up getting cystic breakouts while on this, however they are not all that bad because they clear up so fast and don't leave me any marks. My sister made a comment to me the other day about how she has never seen me with such big painful looking pimples, I told her it was honestly not a big deal because I have seen first hand how amazing my skin looks while it is not purging. She has acne opposite to mine, which is moderate to severe cystic acne. She wants to go on Accutane but is discouraged by the fact that I am now getting a few Cystic Pimples. Her thought is that if I am getting them hers will be 20x worse, everyone goes through something different while on accutane, but what keeps me going is the thought of having clear skin one day.





Human Microbiome

Human microbiome is a big eco-system/community with trillions of living microorganisms that reside largely in your gut.
  Another microbiome as a host to millions of microorganisms/ bacteria is your skin. 
  And in every microbiome ( your gut or skin ) you have good and bad bacteria.
  But as within any ecosystem - balance is the key. 
  By certain things trying to destroy or introduce we can throw things out of balance.
  So when the bad bacteria begin to outnumber the good bacteria, your health is more likely to suffer. Simply because your gut bacteria has become unhealthy. 
  And from my own practice by helping hand full people with acne / and other similar "health enthusiasts" like me, have showed impressive results that damaged and unhealthy gut bacteria is one of the reasons behind your acne! 
  So, when it comes to microbiomes, the good bacteria are essential for maintaining healthy balance.
How can you know if your gut bacteria is unhealthy? 
  1. Do you have acne?
2. Do you have to use a toilet paper?
So as a small resolution - Acne is just a symptom caused by much bigger problems!
  And unhealthy gut bacteria is just one of the big problems!    Be aware that yogurt, kefir, and probiotic powders will not solve your unhealthy gut bacterias problem! 
  For this reason, if you are interested to know the truth behind how to take care at least one of the main generators behind acne - send me a message, and lets have a free 15 minute chat!

Sources: https://www.worldhealth.net/news/probiotics-skin-health/






You might have heard the story of the blind men and the elephant? It’s a famous story about a group who argue over what they’ve encountered, because they are each only exposed to a small piece of it. Those at the tail think it’s a rope, those at the trunk think it’s a snake. There’s too many conflicting ideas about what it actually is.
This may seem funny and stupid, but as acne suffers in our day-to-day lives, we are just as clueless about many things... Most of the skin care doctors I see are constantly confused trying to figure out: 1. Whats the next chemical mix that will destroy this next type of bacteria…
2. Which skin cream will unclog the pores…
3. Which mineral & nutritional loss creates acne…
4. Why being in peace doesn't cure acne? 
5. Is diet related to acne? 
 Success: Use antibiotics and hope that they will work for you? What about drinking tons of water? What about natural skin creams? What about sun cream? What about blue light? What about meat?  Nah... Guys... It's the pillow sheets and genes together with hormones. Madness. Most skin care doctors are worse than the blind men and the elephant, they're blind men and the industry. If you want to know the one truest perspective on skin care, it's having “Long Term Results Created From Within”. And getting results without antibiotics is our core focus in the Breakout Breakers Lifestyle System!  It's the one thing we have an extreme bias towards and we don't mind neglecting other things in its pursuit!  Results > Everything






If you're male and have acne you may have overlooked a few reason your acne persists. Your acne will most likely never go away if you aren't targeting your Acne Signaling System - the central point of acne initiation, where it all begins I'm going to guess it's pretty damn frustrating to be a grown man with zits!? Not so hot right! This can definitely be a source of insecurity and depression. You're feeling unattractive and maybe aren't comfortable being as socially active as you want to be. Acne is 3x more likely to go untreated by the male population. A large percentage of men with acne may not consider taking the time for regular facial care as often as women will. You may not even know where to start with product right?... shopping for skincare is not necessarily your thing? Plus, as you have most likely already accurately imagined... there are currently a whopping 1,953 over-the-counter acne products on the market, not to mention topical ointments and medicated creams, and acne medications (Wow, you'd think the industry would have found a cure by now right!?) Obviously proper cleansing and moisturizing is important, it isn't nearly as important as effective as cleaning out your insides
So here are some tips to optimum internal balance that can have great impact on your acne REDUCE INFLAMMATION: It's critical to reduce internal inflammation. Inflammation is the root of all disease, including acne. 
*Diet Related Inflammation
Inflammation almost always begins in your gut, causing hormonal imbalances and forcing your immune system to go into overdrive. When you eat certain foods you reduce the good bacteria that live inside your gastrointestinal (GI) tract that aids in repairing your gut lining These good bacteria are essential in supporting the immune system, digestion, decreasing inflammation, AND yes...the production of your man hormones. A poor diet kills your healthy gut flora and is replaced with bad bacteria causing inflammation which directly affects your skin. Scientific research... (forgive me, I know those two words run rampant in all acne information) has long proven there is a direct connection between intestinal bacteria and chronic acne and the gut bacterial imbalance is 10 times more prevalent in acne patients than healthy people 1.Reduce Stress - When you're stressed your adrenal glands produce the stress hormone Cortisol(also known as the "death" hormone) You also secrete more testosterone. If you have have chronic stress your adrenal glands will eventually become exhausted and as a result too much testosterone will lead to more oil production in your pores

2.Reduce Caffeine Intake - High caffeine consumption may affect adrenal glands which produce hormones and cortisol levels

3.Reduce Simple/Refined Carbohydrates - There are 2 types of refined Carbs:
- Refined/Processed Sugars - white sugar, all processed foods that contain white sugar
- Refined/Processed Grains - Basically any grain derived food that doesn't say "Whole Grain" on the package Refined carbs have been stripped of almost all fiber, vitamin, minerals, and have all the nutritious parts removed. They are considered "empty" calories
They are digested quickly and have a high glycemic index which leads to rapid spikes in blood sugar and insulin levels after meals. A diet with a high in glycemic index is positively linked to acne

4.Reduce Gluten - IF (and only "if") you suspect or know you have gluten sensitivity, eating gluten will cause poor digestion, stomach issues, and bad gut bacteria growth, leading to inflammation which will aggravate acne

5.Reduce Hydrogenated oil - increases bad cholesterol (LDL) and decreases good cholesterol(HDL). They block production of chemical that combat inflammation and benefit the hormonal and nervous system

6.Reduce Trans fats (basically all junk food and fast food/everything yummy) - Trans fats inhibit an enzyme necessary for the regulation of blood flow and also increase inflammation and contribute to insulin resistance. 

7.Reduce Sugar (especially white refined) - Foods high in sugar and saturated fats like white bread, candy, fried food, soda will spike your body's insulin levels which triggers inflammation and binds to collagen, degrading your skin cells. Too much insulin in the bloodstream leads to growth of pore-clogging cells and excess production of oil and bacteria in your follicles 

8.Reduce Dairy Products - Our bodies contain IGF-1 is the hormone in our bodies that promotes increased cell growth. Cows also contain IGF-1...So adding foods with a high insulin index around puberty is like adding octane fuel to and already full tank of raging hormones. Dairy is already being packed full of it's own growth and sex hormones and expecting your body to manage that is impossible. Now back to cell growth. Remember IGF-1 being the hormone in our body responsible for increased cell growth. This increase starts happening inside our pores, increasing sebum production, and bacteria which leads to clogged pores, and acne. I'm gonna guess you don't want those female Bovine post-natal sex hormones circulating in your blood anyway!? Good luck Guys! Please message me anytime with any questions about this post, diet, acne product recommendations, or any acne related info. I'm always happy to help 
Also, give me suggestions for future posts on relevant acne topics you're curious about If you are curious to learn more about the Acne Signaling System check out





Day 20. Jojoba Oil

Almost One month on Accutane! Yay!!! So far everything has stayed the same for me, my lips are still dry, I have some dry patches on the back of my hands, and I produce absolutely no oil! My skin had been looked amazing the past few days but on day 17 I got an under the skin pimple on my left cheek bone and a small pimple on the right side of my face. I think this happened because I did skip a day of Accutane and didn't wash my face that day ( ewwww I know). Sometimes you just get crazy busy with life and that's what happened to me. I was not home at all one day and I left my accutane pills at my house, as soon as I got home that day it was already 2 am and I was so exhausted I passed out in my bed with my makeup still on. Two days later I woke up with those two pimples...
I have still been doing the oil cleansing method every night and I have been adding Jojoba Oil into my moisturizer. This stuff is like Gold to me now! If I don't put a few drops into my moisturizer my skin is dry and my makeup does not look good at all. So far all is good and I am so excited to see what the next few months hold. 





Low Dose Accutane / TCA Cross Update (Photos)

Low Dose Accutane (10mg/day): Day 55  Only one cystic acne that got popped during shower (still taking so long to get dried up).   Few small ones come out but they disappear in 1-2 days. A lot of left over red/brown spots. Got 2 new pitted scars from breakouts..   I notice a lot of facial hairs grown up after I started Accutane (I am pretty sure I never had this much before) Eczema developed around my eyes and nose and it made me extremely itchy... but after applying some moisturizing cream, they disappeared in a week. Planning to take 20mg/week after I finish this pack (15 pills left)
TCA Cross (Spot Treated): Day 42 Pretty much the same.. not much improvement.. One of the treated area got so much wider... but got like 10% improvement in depth. 
My face got so much worse for past few months..meh.. but I am so glad that the initial breakout is near the end. 






The Pictures were not Supported

Accutane is a vitamin A derivative. You do not need to buy this expensive drug nor risk going through the possible harmful side effects. Because Accutane and its generic brands (isotretinoin) are a vitamin A derivative you can get the same benefits from mashing carrots in a blender and rubbing the carrot slush on your face as a cream. Trust me the vitamin A in the carrot is enough to make your skin stop producing so much oil. When exposed to air, vitamin A will oxidize to some extent to form retinoic acid which is isotretinoin. Want to see the chemistry. The beta carotene that is in the carrot is cleaved at the C15 to C15’ double bond yielding two molecules of retinol (i.e. Vitamin A).   The Vitamin A undergoes oxidation at its terminal alcohol (OH) group yielding 2 molecules of 11-cis retinal as shown below.   The 2 molecules of 11-cis retinal have alternative fates they may either became all trans-retinal or undergo oxidation with the oxygen in the air to become retinoic acid which is another name for isotretinoin. Hence you have just put acne cream on your face.

Edward Redweed

Edward Redweed



Helper Of Humans Patrick Williams Finds Acne Beautiful And Sexy

To me, acne, acne scars, oily skin, large pores, and textured skin makes a woman look MORE BEAUTIFUL and SEXIER. Somewhere from 2nd to 5th grade I started to find acne as something beautiful. Before then, I had crushes on girls, some who just happen to have acne.  Then somewhere along the way I started seeing acne as something beautiful. If there was a woman with cystic acne and acne scars all over her face, upper neck, upper chest, shoulders, upper arms, and back,  I would be EXTREMELY EXTREMELY EXTREMELY EXTREMELY EXTREMELY PHYSICALLY ATTRACTIVE TO HER.

day 20

so i’ve been breaking out recently i don’t know if it’s the purge stage or stress or what i’m eating... i have three big pimples on my forehead (which i never break out at) and just know i saw a LARGE bumpy red patch next to my nose on my left cheek which i’m scared of it becoming a big pimple because it’s right in front of the face where people see you  i’m trying to be so positive but everyone around me seems to not stop pointing out my acne like do they think i’m blind and can not see it for myself? i am getting agitated. i suffer with depression already and all of this is just making it worse, it’s not really accutane’s fault though, it’s just my own personal life. anyways, i have a question for anyone that reads this, what should i be eating? and what gould i not be? i know dairy is out but what else? if you wanna recommend anything to do please help me, it is greatly appreciated! 




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